Ministry Working to Complete Revised Primary Curriculum

first_imgRelatedMinistry Working to Complete Revised Primary Curriculum RelatedMinistry Working to Complete Revised Primary Curriculum Ministry Working to Complete Revised Primary Curriculum UncategorizedAugust 17, 2006 FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail Salomie Evering, Acting Deputy Chief Education Officer in the Ministry of Education and Youth, has said that the Ministry was making every effort to ensure that the supporting material for the revised primary curriculum for grades one to three, would be made available for the new academic year.“We are making all the effort to have the supporting material completed for September, and that is under the Primary Education Support Programme. It is an integrated curriculum so we do not have discreet areas, but children will have work books on ‘Who am I’, ‘My Body’ and various other things,” she told JIS News.The revised primary curriculum, which has already been implemented across the island, covers topics such as citizenship, rights and responsibilities, conflict resolution and essential features of Jamaican culture.Meanwhile, the Acting Chief Education Officer told JIS News that the revised early childhood curriculum, which provides for a smooth transition between the basic and primary levels, was ready. “We have always noted a gap between the early childhood and the primary levels and what we want to do is to close that gap so there is a smooth transition,” she said.Mrs. Evering added that at the early childhood level, more emphasis was being placed on the developmental stages of the child, and some of the topics covered include ‘Myself’ and ‘Who am I’.Education Minister Maxine Henry Wilson, in her sectoral presentation in the House of Representatives on July 12, had said that the new early childhood education curriculum was “child-centered in approach and is supported by a framework of developmental objectives such as language and aesthetics, which ensure progression and continuity across age ranges and stages of development”.Turning to the secondary level curriculum, Mrs. Evering pointed out that the programme was more competency-based. “While you are going through the curriculum, you are consciously thinking of the competencies the students need to possess, so it is more skill and competency based,” she informed.In the meantime, Mrs. Evering revealed that the special education curriculum at the Mico Teachers College has been revised.“They have done some revision and there are going to be three new options in the special education curriculum. They will be looking at areas such as mild and moderate disabilities, deaf and hard of hearing, blindness and visual impairment,” she informed.The Ministry of Education and Youth revises the curricula from the early childhood to the secondary level every five years.Teachers’ colleges are involved as stakeholders in the process, Mrs. Evering said, as “the teachers will have to come out to teach the guides”.center_img RelatedMinistry Working to Complete Revised Primary Curriculum Advertisementslast_img read more

Kolisi’s rallying cry

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ACLU should be outspoken advocate of Peterson’s right to due process

first_img NFL, ACLU, Minnesota Vikings, Adrian Peterson No due process: The Minnesota Vikings have ignored running back Adrian Peterson’s Constitutional rights, denying him the right to work. The state of Texas has not yet made a decision about child abuse accusations against him. | REUTERS/USA TODAY SPORTS VERO BEACH, FLORIDA – Where is the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) when you REALLY need it?That’s the question suspended Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson — accused of child abuse for disciplining his 4-year-old son with a switch — must be asking himself these days. Why isn’t the ACLU coming to his aid, Peterson is probably wondering, while his rights under federal law are being trampled.The ACLU has long served as a self-appointed — and not always popular — protector of U.S. Constitutional rights.It often lodges protests and seeks change when it deems certain things to not be entirely in line with the Bill of Rights and amendments to it.ACLUers believe in strict application of the American “Law of the Land” — especially in the area of separation of church and state.Violations of this principle commonly occur but are overlooked with a no-harm, no foul attitude by most Americans.But they do not escape the watchful eye of the ACLU.And, whether you agree with the ACLU’s stance against the mixing of religion and government or not, you must admit that, by the letter of the law, public school prayer and other such religious observances and items (Easter crosses, Christmas trees, etc.) in certain settings ARE indeed unconstitutional — no matter how well-intended.So, what about Peterson’s right to due process accorded him by the constitution — the assumption of innocence until proven guilty in a court of law?Especially given the circumstances surrounding Adrian’s actions.In case you’ve just come out of a coma, here are his particulars.Minnesota Vikings management initially suspended Peterson when he was officially charged with child abuse by authorities in his home state of Texas while Vikes honchos sorted through the facts available to them.The Vikings organization then conducted a thorough investigation of the matter; they got everyone’s side of the story — including Peterson’s claim he meant no harm, that he was just disciplining his child in the same manner he and many kids growing up in the same region were.Among others, Charles Barkley came to Peterson’s aid by saying that’s the way many black kids — himself included — in the southern U.S. were disciplined (not that switching is exclusively a black thing; white boy MAS, too, was switched a time or four in his childhood).What constitutes child abuse is often not clearly outlined or defined by state laws. It’s sort of a “you know it when you see it” deal.In this instance, a doctor discovered it.Because of its hazy nature, the Vikings concluded that the courts should decide if Peterson was guilty of child abuse or not.He was reinstated and cleared to play while the wheels of justice turned.In other words, the Vikes recognized and respected Peterson’s right of due process under the U.S. Constitution.The ACLU should have been exulting — no doubt their previous watchdog activities had contributed to the Vikings stance on the issue.Dead silence from them, though.But that was not the end of the matter — more on that in a bit.At this point, it should be noted that MAS feels there is a clear distinction between Peterson’s situation and those cases involving the Baltimore Ravens’ Ray Rice and Greg Hardy of the Carolina Panthers (both also suspended indefinitely for domestic violence).Rice was seen on a smoking gun video and Hardy was appealing his already handed down conviction.Whatever constitutional and legal protections the pair have — double jeopardy in Rice’s case and due process in Hardy’s appeal — are, in good conscience, hard to argue for.Though, again, if the ACLU wanted to cross ALL the t’s and dot all the i’s in “constitutional protection”, they could conceivably come to the defense of the pair — they’ve done it in the past with admitted murderers.What’s the diff?Getting back to the Vikings’ “let the courts do their thing” stance: Immediately after their announcement of Peterson’s reinstatement, Vikes management came under heavy fire from a variety of folks, including the governor of Minnesota, appalled that the team dared allow a child abuser to play for them.But it wasn’t until the Vikings’ corporate sponsors joined the guilty-until-proven innocent chorus that the ballclub caved in and reversed its stance and again gave the boot to Peterson (although the Vikes must still pay him).What a cowardly and unconscionable thing done by the money-grubbing Viking management!What about Peterson’s right of due process and how about the, um, you know, life, liberty and pursuit of happiness thingy?The Vikings brass has met the enemy, the PC Police. Vikes honchos came, saw and . . . kowtowed.Let it be known that MAS is neither condoning what Peterson did or condemning him for his actions.Only speaking out for his constitutional rights.In a matter of considerable relevance, despite being charged with domestic violence (involving a male minor), Hope Solo, goalkeeper for the U.S. Women’s national soccer team, will continue to play for the squad as she awaits her November trial date.Can you say gross inequity?And double standard?Regarding the Peterson situation, if you asked 100 people off the record — without fear of the PC Police breaking down their door — half would say they’re not sure whether what he did amounted to child abuse.Many folks, like MAS and Sir Charles, no doubt got a slight licking or three when they were young and feel they turned out alright.My point is: where does a parent’s right to discipline his child end and child abuse begin?As stated, the laws are often nebulous in this regard.Personally, MAS doesn’t believe in corporal punishment. He has a wonderful daughter in both mind and body who he never once spanked or anything of the sort.He believed in — and practiced — common sense human reasoning in raising his Kimmy, aka Li’l Dumplin’.And it worked out darn well.But who is MAS to try to force his methodology upon others — as so many have done in the Peterson situation?Shame on you, Minny guv, and you corporate shills for your bullying tactics.It’s such a “Who’s to say?” deal, how about we leave it up to those whose job it IS to say in these gray area instances.Whaddya say, ACLU, are you with me regarding protecting Adrian Peterson’s Constitutional rights?Hello . . . hello . . . anybody there?Contact Man About Sports at: [email protected] GET THE BEST OF THE JAPAN TIMEScenter_img IN FIVE EASY PIECES WITH TAKE 5 RELATED PHOTOS KEYWORDSlast_img read more

Quote from a Disney Dad – Walt Disney

first_imgShare This!Happy Father’s Day to all our Dad readers and Dad staff!All week we’ve been featuring advice, observations, and words of wisdom from some of our favorite Disney Dads. It’s only fitting to end the celebration with the Dad who started it all, Walt Disney himself.“The most important thing is family.” – Walt DisneyWho are your favorite Disney dads? Have you learned any fatherly wisdom from a Disney dad? Let us know in the comments.last_img

DEMO Producer Chris Shipley to Pass the Torch to VentureBeat’s Matt Marshall

first_imgWhy Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Related Posts marshall kirkpatrick The DEMO conference, a Silicon Valley institution, will announce a changing of the guard tonight. Executive producer Chris Shipley will begin a hand-off of leadership to Matt Marshall, San Jose Mercury News reporter turned blog founder at VentureBeat. That’s right, DEMO is being taken over by a blogger.If you’re not familiar with DEMO, it’s a very slick conference where startup companies are selected to present to an audience of potential investors, reporters and others. It’s been around for decades and has roots in the mobile world. All the major tech blogs now race to cover the scads of companies that launch there each year. It’s also become very controversial as the media and tech landscapes have changed.The move comes after a period of speculation that the business was losing momentum, at a time when startup companies tend to debut on a stage that didn’t exist until recently (on blogs) and amidst an extended public fight with TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington, who famously told an interviewer that “DEMO needs to die.” Startups don’t require huge piles of money to launch anymore, thanks in large part to the Web 2.0 phenomenon. Arrington argues that the DEMO entry fees prohibit the participation of some of the smallest but most exciting startups.I like DEMO, though my wife reminds me that every one of the 3 times I’ve been there as a reporter and once with a presenting company, I’ve called home and said “why do I come here, I don’t want to ever come to this again.” It’s too Silicon Valley for me, though I do love getting to see and meet many of the people I always do at DEMO. I feel similarly about reporting on this story. I just want to see what Kara Swisher has to say about it, because I’m guessing that she’s going to explode with snark.More details on this in a few minutes as I fill in my thoughts on the topic. I just wanted to post first on it because the behind the scenes wrestling match over embargoes, etc. is absurd. It’s actually pretty funny that you read about this here first. I hate the fact that most of this story is not about Chris Shipley, who has done a great job for 13 years running DEMO, even dancing on stage while she does it! Unfortunately, some big personalities have overshadowed Shipley’s hard work at least in these parts and in recent times.Photo of Chris Shipley CC by Robert ScobleMichael Arrington’s contention is that DEMO is a “pay for play” event that excludes some of the most important innovators by way of its nearly $20k price of participation. Arrington, who incidentally is a former employer of mine and whom I owe a lot of gratitude for help with my career’s advancement, believes that his competing conferences (the TechCrunch 50 etc.) are superior because they are free for startups to present at. That’s a debate that has raged back and forth but my personal opinion is that many startups have for decades been able to drop that $20k without too much hesitation. Those who can’t can debut at different events, or on blogs. Scheduling the TechCrunch events at the same time as DEMO seemed an overly competitive move to me, but Arrington doesn’t often put the words “overly” and “competitive” in the same sentence. He is winning, too, so that’s hard to argue with.Now DEMO will be taken over by Matt Marshall, who is ostensibly a blogger and seems like a nice enough man. He’s also been a partner in Arrington’s other major conference The Crunchies for the past two years. We at ReadWriteWeb were as well for the first year, but we declined to participate this year.Michael Arrington is a very competitive man whom many people either love, hate or have both feelings towards. Many people live in fear of falling out of his good graces, but now someone very much within his good graces (Matt Marshall) will be taking over the conference that Arrington seemed intent on killing. Meanwhile, Arrington himself is out of the country in an undisclosed tropical location taking a much needed break from a lot of hard work and some really inappropriate backlash from psychotic people targeting him for his accumulation and perhaps use of power in the tech industry.It’s all a big nasty Silicon Valley mess, and Silicon Valley is always fairly big and nasty. We’d like to see a bunch of successful conferences thrive and bring great technology into the public eye. We’d also like to congratulate Chris Shipley on her great work over the last 13 years and wish her the best in the consulting she’ll continue to do. Disclosure: DEMO is a current RWW sponsor. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…center_img Tags:#news#web Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

InSTEDD: Enabling Collaboration in Third World Countries

first_imgTop Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Related Posts At ETech today members of the InSTEDD team spoke about how they have been building SMS and mapping applications, in the Mekong Delta in the jungles of South East Asia. InSTEDD (Innovative Support to Emergencies Diseases and Disasters) was organized in 2006-2007 and aims to harness technology to help with early warning, prevention and response to disasters and public health threats. Some of the issues InSTEDD came across in the Mekong Delta were figuring out multilingual issues, human interaction design for 140 characters, ad-hoc team creation, and data integration of disconnected systems. After the jump is a summary of their presentation at ETech.CEO Dr. Eric Rasmussen spoke about how InSTEDD has a focus on collaboration, using both technical and sociological means. Everything they do is free and open source. Eduardo Jezierski, Vice President of Engineering, spoke about how information flow is important – you need good sensor and human networks to detect things early. The people in villages need more data, however currently they don’t get this. It’s not necessarily a technical problem, but economic and sociological problems. For example 3G may cover the area, but inhabitants can’t afford it. Another issue is that mobile phones don’t necessarily support the different languages spoken by people, or different people speak different languages and so collaborating is difficult. Another issue is that it actually costs about the same amount to send an SMS message as it takes to buy a handful of rice, so obviously priorities come into play.InSTEDD has built a product called InSTEDD Geochat, which is a service combining SMS, Twitter and email. However it is SMS-only interaction for users, as most don’t have browsers. Driving the system is a “semi-structured” API with an extensible pipeline. However the idea of this system is that the participants don’t need to be concerned with all the technology behind it, they can just interact with the system using SMS. Interoperability is an issue, but this is being addressed with an InSTEDD service called Mesh4x. It syncs data from diverse applications, sources and devices. It works via HTTP, files and SMS. It supports open standards, such as FeedSync – an open protocol that describes data formats and algorithms used to version information in a mesh. Interestingly this is a Semantic Web application, with RDF as the default data representation. The next challenge is using this data for collective action. “Today it takes a lot of coordination to get two organizations working together”, said Jezierski. So they have been working on a system called Evolve – described as an RSS Reader for groups by Jezierski. It aims to provide collaborative decision support around streams of information. The service tries to sift through data and identify emerging health-related events. It also has an automatic feature extraction, for data classification and tagging. There is a human input and review module that “allows users to comment, tag, and semantically rank the elements (positive, neutral, or negative).” The overall theme is that it is a mix of machine and human intelligence – the machine can recommend a course of action, but people trigger the actions.Jezierski has worked in the commercial sector before and he noted that “doing stuff to help people in Cambodia is way harder than running the London Stock Exchange”. He said for example that for Twitter to reach wide adoption in these places, much work needs to be done to enable it. In particular he thinks a “better shared language” for technologies is needed for third world work – much in the same way that web 2.0 evolved a specific language in the tech world (tagging, user-generated content, etc).The InSTEDD Innovation Lab is another project. It’s a “socio-technical” lab in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and mixes InSTEDD’s own team with various other organizations, to work on technologies that help society.Overall it’s clear that InSTEDD is doing some great work to bring collaborative software and systems into countries that need it the most – for disaster prevention and recovery, healthcare, and other essential needs. richard macmanus A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Tags:#conferences#ETech 2009#Real World#web Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more