CPPIB betting that demand for sports data is a good long-term investment

first_imgtwo excited sports fans watching game on tablet antonioguillem/123RF Keywords Investment strategiesCompanies CPP Investment Board Investors may have an unrealistic understanding of risk and return: survey The biggest challenge advisors may face is managing clients’ emotional reactions However, based on Sportradar’s estimated value of US$2.4 billion, including equity and debt owed, CPPIB’s share of the company would be worth about $936 million.Sportradar founder and CEO Carsten Koerl will retain his ownership share and continue to drive the company’s future development and growth.“Having two new investors with a strong North American footprint is ideal given our increasing focus and expanding operations in the U.S., as the sports industry evolves to meet the expectations of today’s sports fans,” Koerl said in a statement.Among other things, Sportradar works with the NHL and National Basketball Association to distribute data and with Major League Baseball to distribute audio and video content to sport betting operators.It is also a partner with the National Football League and the NASCAR auto racing circuit as well as two major soccer bodies, FIFA and UEFA.Ryan Selwood, head of direct private equity investment at CPPIB, said Koerl was very actively involved in choosing Sportradar’s new partners “and we feel quite fortunate that he chose CPPIB and TCV.”Sportradar is the only company that’s currently working with U.S. sports leagues for official data for betting purposes, he said in a phone interview from New York City.“So the fact that they are able to meet the standards of the major leagues positions them very well to succeed as regulatory environments evolve in the United States,” Selwood added.In addition, Sportradar has been very quick to evolve its products to meet new market niches through a variety of platforms, he said.For example, Sportradar and The Globe and Mail are collaborating on The Forecheck, which forecasts individual NHL game outcomes and playoff probabilities based on statistics that are loaded into the predictor after each game.“So when (newly acquired star centre) John Tavares scores his first goal for the Toronto Maple Leafs, it’s likely that a number of Canadians will be engaging on their mobile devices with that data and some assessment of how that impacts the likely outcome of the game,” Selwood said.Selwood said TCV will invest in Sportradar alongside CPPIB and provide strategic advice based on its experience in technology investments. He added Sportradar has no plans for an initial public offering at this time.“We actually think our investment, as two long-term investment partners, will position it well from a capital and funding perspective … So there’s no current plan to IPO any time soon,” Selwood said.Founded in 1995, TCV provides capital to growth-stage technology companies. Its current active investments included AirBnB, eHarmony, Electronic Arts, and Spotify. It’s also a past investor in Facebook, GoDaddy and LinkedIn.A subsidiary of the Globe and Mail holds an investment in The Canadian Press as part of a joint agreement with Torstar and the parent company of Montreal’s La Presse. Share this article and your comments with peers on social media Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) is preparing to buy a 39% stake in Sportradar, a global company that distributes data from the National Hockey League and other professional sports for betting purposes.Toronto-based CPPIB has teamed up with equity firm TCV of Menlo Park, Calif., but they haven’t disclosed how much their Sportradar stake will cost. Facebook LinkedIn Twitter David Paddon Related news Educate clients to focus on liabilitylast_img read more

Ask a cop: Be smart, use your blinking blinkers

first_img Be a smart and safe driver, use you turn signal indicator (BLINKERS), trust me those of us behind would love to know your intent!Gerry, try not to get so emotional and show your disapproval in front of your kids while operating a motor vehicle, because this is a behavior they can easily pick up from their HERO, and when they start driving they may display acts of anger while driving or even road rage.Jeremy from Beaumont asks: Officer Antoine, I car pool weekly with my co-worker and we always have a question about blocking intersections while stopped in line at a traffic signal. Let’s say the traffic at an intersection is backed up past a city length block and the crossstreet has vehicles in front waiting for the light to change. There are also cars stopped at the cross street stop sign. Is it illegal to block the intersection and wait for the traffic light to change or should the traffic a the stop sign wait?Answer: Good question Jeremy! We all can experience lines of traffic like this during rush hours. There are not laws that tell ANY driver in Texas that they must stop before the cross street to allow passage for any vehicle sitting a stop sign. The vehicle at a cross street will just have to patiently WAIT until it is clear and safe for them to enter the intersection. The vehicle that is on the road, already has the right of way and the other vehicle must gain access when it is safe to do so. If the vehicle at the stop sign is given entry by one motorist that still don’t give them the right of way especially if his movement or position of his vehicle is causing traffic to stop to allow him safe passage. Keep in mind especially when you are in BIG cities like Houston, sometimes you feel like you will wait 15 minutes at a stop sign before its safe to enter the intersection unless someone lets you in. You always take a risky chance when someone lets you in by slowing down traffic and waving you in. Drive Safe!Juan from Port Arthur asks: I’ve visited Houston on many occasions and I must say with the multitude of vehicle traffic they have there, it seems like the horn usage is more here in Southeast Texas than in Houston. Is there a law against horn usage abuse or overuse?Answer: Good question Juan! Yes there is a law against inappropriate horn usage. Now Juan being raised in smaller communities and daily motoring in said place makes you grateful when we take time to visit our neighboring MAJOR metropolitan city to the west. Juan it is your opinion that we use our horn system more than the motorist in Houston do, well I can’t say I agree with that but you are entitled to your opinion. Horns are a very important tool and necessary asset to you vehicle to communicate road safety to other motorist. Now Texas law TRC 547.501 (c)  A motor vehicle operator shall use a horn to provide audible warning only when necessary to insure safe operation. Keep in mind that Click it or Ticket will be enforced until May 31. The men and women of the Port Arthur Police Department are encouraging ALL motorist and passengers of motor vehicle to BUCKLE UP! Seat belts save lives!Gerry from Port Arthur asks:  Officer Antoine, I have a quick question about the use of blinkers: It seems as though a lot of people have decided that the use of blinkers on public streets and highways is an option. Many, many times as I drive the route between my home and Lamar State College-Port Arthur where I work, folks will simply stop in the road ahead of me. As I sit at a standstill I’m wondering, are they turning left … right … or if there a dead raccoon in the road? My kids make fun of me for getting so bent out of shape but I think it’s a real safety concern.Answer:  Good question Gerry! I’m ONE who truly echo your sentiments about the failure to use your signal indicators (blinkers) while operating a motor vehicle on a public roadway. I don’t understand the mindset of motorists who believe it’s permissible for them to drive and change lanes, turn into private driveways, all without signaling their intent to do so. Gerry I can’t begin to tell you how many citations I’ve issued for this violation, and the attitude of the driver upon receiving the citation is one of appalled. They can’t believe they are being stopped much less given a ticket for such a minor violation. Gerry to me and all other responsible motorists, your turn signal is a non verbal way to communicate your INTENT (lane change, turning), while driving a motor vehicle in order that other motorists behind you or approaching may prepare to drive their vehicles accordingly.It’s amazing we buy these vehicles and PAY for a piece of equipment that is standard in ALL vehicles, but yet we fail to use it! Failing to use your turn signal could be the difference between someone going to the car wash or salvage yard, or Memorial Day picnic or emergency room — and last but not least,  home or to a morgue.last_img read more

Volleyball Game Notes: Week 3

first_img Share Volleyball Game Notes: Week 3 UWF Volleyball (Photo by John Blackie) center_img PENSACOLA, Fla. — The Argos host their second tournament of 2009 in the Hemingway’s Regional Crossover, beginning Thursday night at 7:00pm. West Florida faces region rival No. 17 Nova Southeastern on their home court to begin the weekend. West Florida will face a handful of regional opponents, including No. 5 Tampa, No. 11 Florida Southern, and Saint Leo. COMPLETE GAME NOTES. Print Friendly Versionlast_img read more

Ovie And The Franchise – September 10th, 2020 [PODCAST]

first_img 720p HD Vikings Prepare To Get After Rodgers in Season OpenerGetty ImagesRobison-and-RodgersThe Vikings and Packers open the season Sunday at U.S. Bank Stadium. The Vikings have attacked Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers over the years sacking him, pressuring him, hitting him and in some cases injuring him.Getty ImagesStephen WeatherlyStephen Weatherly posted 3 sacks in each of the last 2 seasons. He’s now a member of the Carolina Panthers.Getty ImagesJaleel JohnsonJaleel Johnson is expected to take on a larger role with the Vikings this season with Michael Pierce opting out due to concerns over Covid-19.Getty ImagesEverson GriffinEverson Griffin signed a free agent contract to join the Dallas Cowboys in 2020.Getty ImagesDanielle HunterDanielle Hunter has posted 14 1/2 sacks in each of the past 2 seasons.Getty ImagesAnthony BarrAnthony Barr sacked Aaron Rodgers in 2018. Rodgers sustained a broken collarbone and missed the rest of the season. 1080p HD About Connatix V56490 Ovie and The Franchise is a podcast that also airs on WJON Thursday afternoons at 1:15 p.m. The show is hosted by Jay Caldwell and Dave Overlund.This week, Jay and Dave talk about the 2020 NFL season, the Vikings’ chances this year, the Twins playoff outlook and more.”Hang Up and Listen” airs Monday through Friday from 1-2 p.m. on AM 1240/FM 95.3 WJON. Visit Advertiser website GO TO PAGE Skip center_img 1/1 Auto (360p) 360p About Connatix V56490last_img read more