Quote from a Disney Dad – Walt Disney

first_imgShare This!Happy Father’s Day to all our Dad readers and Dad staff!All week we’ve been featuring advice, observations, and words of wisdom from some of our favorite Disney Dads. It’s only fitting to end the celebration with the Dad who started it all, Walt Disney himself.“The most important thing is family.” – Walt DisneyWho are your favorite Disney dads? Have you learned any fatherly wisdom from a Disney dad? Let us know in the comments.last_img

Africa’s biggest water project

first_imgPresident Thabo Mbeki and King Letsie of Lesotho have inaugurated the latest phase of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project, which delivers water from the highlands of Lesotho to South Africa’s Vaal River system and generates hydropower for Lesotho.Water is now flowing from the Lesotho Highlands Water Project. (Image: Lesotho Highlands Water Project)Brand South Africa reporterThe project is Africa’s largest ever water transfer project as well as the largest ongoing bi-national construction project on the continent.The project aims to address the needs of South Africa’s rapidly expanding Gauteng province, which generates almost 60% of the country’s industrial output and 80% of its mining output, and where over 40% of South Africa’s population live. The province needs more water than its main source, the Vaal River, can provide.The Lesotho Highlands, with its high rainfall and surface area of high basalt mountains – the Maloti – is an outstanding catchment area.The Lesotho Highlands Water Project captures most of the excess water from rainstorms in the Orange/Senqu River catchment and transfers it to the Vaal River system, at the same time ensuring the sustainability of life forms dependent on flows downstream of its storage dams.Completion of the latest phase of the project – phase 1B – will solve Gauteng’s water problem for the immediate future and rejuvenate the Vaal River. For Lesotho, it provides valuable income, job opportunities, electricity and infrastructure on which tourism and industrial development can thrive.Construction on phase 1A of the project began in 1984, and the first dam, Katse, began delivering water in 1998.Construction on phase 1B of the project began in 1998, and comprises the 145 metre high Mohale Dam on the Senqunyane River, the 32 kilometre Mohale Tunnel linking Mohale Dam to Katse Dam, and the 6 kilometre Matsoku weir and tunnel, which diverts flood water from the Matsoku River into the Katse reservoir.Water transfer from Mohale Dam and the Matsoku River to Katse Dam has begun, and will gradually increase the volume of water delivered to South Africa from 20 to 26 cubic metres per second.While Katse Dam is the highest concrete arch dam in Africa, Mohale Dam is the highest rockfill dam on the continent, consisting of 7.8 million cubic metres of rock that was placed and compacted before the addition of concrete face. The dam features a flexible outlet structure that ensures high quality water for downstream releases to ensure the sustainability of aquatic life.Other infrastructure completed during phase 1B includes three mountain passes, 72 kilometres of tarred roads, 75 kilometres of power lines and over 100 construction houses. At the peak of construction, phase IB created more that 8 000 jobs for local and regional workers.The entire project is expected to cost US$8-billion by the time of its completion in 2020.Speaking at the ceremony at Mohale Dam on Tuesday, Mbeki described the Lesotho Highlands Water Project as a bi-national project to harness a natural resource, Lesotho’s “white gold”, for the benefit of both countries.“For South Africa, the project brings improved security of water supply for both economic and domestic use, and will undoubtedly help to meet the increasing water demand for many years to come”, Mbeki said.“Equally, Lesotho enjoys the benefit of new infrastructure, including roads, expanded communication and electricity systems, health facilities, job opportunities, improved water supply and sanitation to numerous communities, and many additional secondary benefits associated with a huge capital investment with its revenue streams.“The project not only sustains the development of both countries in significant ways, but provides a showpiece for the region and the rest of the continent of mutually beneficial co-operation.”The Katse Dam is the highest concrete arch dam in Africa. (Image: V)In November 2003, the South African Institute of Civil Engineering named the Lesotho Highlands Water Project “project of the century” for its “immense impact on the betterment of the lives of South Africans and Basotho, the benefits it brought to the economies of both countries, the manner in which the environmental impacts were addressed, and the effective and efficient overall management of the project”.Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

Machine Learning: Major Push by All Major Tech Companies to Advance Artificial Intelligence

first_imgMachine Learning algorithms are becoming widely used.  Microsoft, Google, IBM and Amazon, for example, have all added machine learning options to their cloud offerings.  Facebook has open-sourced its hardware design. Yahoo has also released an open-source AI tool called CaffeOnSpark. Chinese giant Baidu has also released open-source AI software.Mark Zuckerburg, Facebook CEO, said that “the biggest thing that we’re focused on with artificial intelligence is building computer services that have better perception than people.  I think it’s possible to get to that point in the next five to 10 years.”   Both Google’s Sundar Pichai’s and Alphabet Chairman Eric Schmidt say that AI will have a major impact of future work with Alphabet/Google.  At the recent Microsoft Build 2016 event, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella said that Microsoft is targeting AI as a major focus for their business.In December, 2015, Elon Musk became co-chair of OpenAI, a $1 billion organization that focuses on advancing artificial intelligence that will benefit humanity.Vinod Iyengar, Director at H2O.ai, said that “in the last five years the cost of storage has come down dramatically, as has the cost of memory. Additionally, anyone can leverage an advanced computing cluster on, say, Amazon Web services, for a few hundred dollars. All of this means that organizations or individuals can take a whole lot of data and produce powerful predictions and insights from the large data sets without facing huge costs.”last_img read more

Sport Australia Welcomes Major Boost in Sport Funding

first_imgSport Australia Chair John Wylie has welcomed the Australian Government’s $385.4million package for sport and physical activity announced in last night’s Federal Budget, declaring it as one of the biggest funding injections for sport in years.The Federal Budget delivered more than $158 million of new investment directly to Sport Australia and the AIS, helping to fund community participation initiatives through to additional support for Australia’s high performance athletes. An additional $54.1 million will be invested in high performance sport for athlete pathways and wellbeing, while school and community infrastructure programs will be expanded.“This funding creates incredible opportunity for sport, from children learning to play and be active through to talented athletes representing and inspiring the nation,” Wylie said. “It is one of the biggest funding injections in Australian sport in years.”Wylie said the extension of the national Sporting Schools program was an important feature of participation funding. Sporting Schools, which has reached 85 per cent of schools in its first four years, received a further $40million in funding to extend the program until the end of 2020.“Sporting Schools can be a vital catalyst for improving the health of young Australians.” Wylie said. “We want to give every Australian child the opportunity to grow up happier and healthier through a connection with Sporting Schools.“Since its launch in 2015, more than 7,100 schools have been funded by the Sporting Schools program and there have been almost 4.8million attendances in Sporting Schools activities.“Sport and physical activity is vital to the overall development of children, including their mental wellbeing. The beauty of Sporting Schools is that it’s free, so the opportunity is there for every school child, no matter their location, background, ability or socio-economic status.“Creating healthier habits in our children will take time, but it’s unquestionably worth the effort because we know active kids are far more likely to become active adults. One positive connection with Sporting Schools could help make a lifetime of difference.”Sport Australia’s AusPlay research shows 81 per cent of Australian children are not meeting recommended physical guidelines. To combat this, Sporting Schools partners with 33 national sports to provide free and fun sporting opportunities for children before, during and after school.Sport Australia CEO Kate Palmer says: “We welcome the Australian Government’s investment and confidence that Sporting Schools can help drive behavioural change in our children, enabling them to reap the enormous benefits sport and physical activity can provide.”Another key investment in last night’s Federal Budget was an extra $42.5 million for the Move It AUS Community Sport Infrastructure Grant Program. The program was launched this financial year and has already provided more than $60million for more than 450 projects around the country to upgrade community sporting facilities.“In delivering on the national sport plan, Sport 2030, Sport Australia’s vision is for Australia to become the world’s most active sporting nation and access to active spaces is critical to get more Australians moving,” Palmer says.“Building better sporting facilities is about building stronger, healthier communities by promoting physical activity, social connection, civic pride and economic vitality.”Media contact: Chris Wilson 0407 135 280 or [email protected]last_img read more

Michigan Fans Spent An Average Of $300 On New Wolverines Gear After Nike Switch

first_imgTwo yellow bags representing Michigan's partnership with Jordan.It’s August 1st, which means that Michigan is now officially a Nike school – the Wolverines signed an 11-year deal with the apparel manufacturer, leaving adidas. As we showed you last night, the school had a ceremony at The M Den to show off the new gear. There was so much interest, The M Den’s website crashed from demand.It looks like fans who were able to make it to the store itself did not hold back when it comes to money spent. According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, Michigan fans at The M Den last night spent an average of $300 on new gear. That’s an absurdly high number – especially when factoring in that most of these people are college kids.Michigan retailer @TheMDen opened at 12AM to kick off new Nike deal, gave away Harbaugh pins, avg shopper spent $300 pic.twitter.com/nwpocdhImv— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) August 1, 2016Michigan’s partnership with Nike seems to be off to a flying start.last_img read more

The NBA Is Getting More Interesting If Not More Competitive

As we near the end of a weeklong frenzy of NBA signings and dealings, our NBA braintrust discusses which teams made themselves better and which got worse. The transcript below has been lightly edited.neil (Neil Paine, senior sportswriter): OK! The draft is over and most of the major free agents have signed on the dotted lines. (Although I know we’re all waiting with bated breath to see if Washington matches the offer to Otto Porter.) So we thought now would be a good time to survey the NBA landscape and take stock of the biggest offseason moves.First, I wanted to ask: Which team improved themselves the most in the offseason thus far?chris.herring (Chris Herring, senior sportswriter): Oklahoma City made a massive trade for Paul George that at least puts them in the conversation again. Maybe not for a title, but at least they’re interesting enough that I want to talk about them again. Minnesota also made some nice moves.kyle (Kyle Wagner, senior editor): Yeah, it’s between OKC and Minnesota, but I’d go with Oklahoma City. Nate wrote that the Wolves are threatening to enter the Western Conference elite, but that’s based on a lot more hypotheticals than Oklahoma City returning to the mix. We’ve already seen the Thunder look like a championship-level team when they had Kevin Durant and the rest of the roster was largely the same. Paul George obviously isn’t KD, but the fit is similar enough that we have proof of concept. The Minnesota team looks much better, but we still have to see them play.chris.herring: I would’ve been all in on the T-Wolves if they could’ve landed J.J. Redick. They still would’ve been light on defense, but all they really need is a shooter to be able to score with anyone.kyle: Speaking of J.J., the 76ers are a good answer if we’re defining improvement as “Who’s going to see the biggest bump in win total?” It’s not nearly as hard to add wins from the bottom of the pile, but it’s good to see Philly fielding an actual team.neil: I think that was an interesting comment Chris made earlier about what “the conversation” is: These are all teams that have become fun again, though not necessarily teams that are likely title contenders. Is that one of the themes of this offseason? That NBA junkies like us are looking for reasons to find teams interesting, but it’s less clear whether anyone is closer to knocking off the Warriors?kyle: If anything, teams are getting further away from competing with the Warriors. San Antonio, for instance, beat the hell out of Golden State for two and a half quarters before Kawhi Leonard landed on Zaza’s size 17s, but they haven’t fared well this offseason. They whiffed on a rumored swing at bringing on Chris Paul; they’ll be missing Tony Parker; they don’t seem to know what to do with LaMarcus Aldridge; and they haven’t locked up key rotation guys like Jonathon Simmons and Dewayne Dedmon, who are in talks with other teams. (Simmons in particular is a flight risk, as he’s the kind of wing defender/scorer a lot of teams need and a long shot to take a San Antonio discount at age 28, having been one bad D-league tryout away from getting his barber’s license just a few years ago.)Meanwhile, the Cavs haven’t yet been able to pull off a trade to bring in an extra star. Melo would help, but it’s hard to say how much, even when looking at the projections, since their sleepwalked regular season threw their projection off so much this past year.chris.herring: And the Warriors very quietly added more talent while keeping all their main guys on totally reasonable deals. Not even sure how you’re supposed to compete with them when Durant takes a deal that’s worth $9 million less than market value.Because of that, the free agent conversation begins to feel a bit academic. Who is realistically beating the Warriors over the next two years?kyle: Right! The biggest key to building a championship team is finding stars who give you surplus value, whether it’s talented young guys on rookie deals and second contracts or superstars worth far more than even the max. With the Warriors, they have Steph projected to be outperforming his $201 million deal for the next five years and KD taking less than the max.neil: And I think that whole feeling of league-wide ennui was fueled a little by this year’s free-agent class not necessarily being very star-packed. Gordon Hayward’s decision to sign with Boston received a lot of attention this week, but even he is only classified by CARMELO as a “borderline All-Star.”(Ditto Paul George, who wasn’t a free agent but was, as you mention, maybe the biggest name on the move.)This wasn’t KD and LeBron changing addresses.chris.herring: There are two teams that intrigue me a bit, that could be in the playoffs now but weren’t before: Denver and Minnesota.Denver got an absolute steal in Paul Millsap on a three-year, $90 million deal. The last year of the contract is a team option. One of the best contracts of the summer thus far. That Northwest division could be tough.kyle: Yeah, Hayward and George have near-identical five-year projections just about in line with what they can be paid on a max deal, prorated for four years. That’s obviously very good, but simply living up to a max deal traditionally hasn’t been good enough for the best player on a championship team. For now, Boston still has a ton of young talent on cheap deals (and Isaiah Thomas playing for a little more than $6 million in his final season before unrestricted free agency), but the Celtics still have no one creating value at the top end.Oklahoma City, meanwhile, has Russell Westbrook projecting to produce about $80 million in 2017-18 alone. Westbrook’s projection is a little nutty because of his preposterous MVP season, and his game will change a ton now that he’s not the only gun in the valley, but it’s a more promising starting point for the next few seasons. But even then, OKC is capped out enough that adding pieces to truly challenge Golden State (such as Rudy Gay) remains a long shot.neil: OK, so it sounds like little has been done to close the gap between Golden State and the rest of the West. But while we’re speaking of Hayward and the Celtics, are they (or anybody else) closer to being competitive with Cleveland in the East?chris.herring: The Celtics might be the future of the East, depending on what happens after this season with LeBron. Though I have to think he’d avoid going west given how much of a free ride the Eastern Conference will be for the foreseeable future. That said, I’d be beyond shocked if Boston takes out Cleveland unless they add one more star.kyle: Boston’s problems in their series were what to do when Isaiah wasn’t firing and the offense breaks down, and Hayward doesn’t solve that. He was a strong pick-and-roll scorer last season, but the Celtics offense runs on movement and passing — when things go bad, they haven’t been equipped to hustle up an impromptu high screen. And if the Celtics are going to rely on Hayward to just muscle up some buckets, they may be disappointed — he was a middling isolation player last season, scoring 82 points per 100 plays, according to Synergy.neil: I was stunned to plug Boston’s depth chart — including Hayward — into CARMELO and get a 45-win projection back out. I’d still probably take the over on that, but it underscores how much work these other teams have to do.kyle: Yeah, and this goes back to a pillar of Boston plan, which has been to hoard “assets” who are good rotation players, but not much better than any other playoff team’s average starter. Avery Bradley and Jae Crowder are good players, but at some point your roster full of 45-win talent isn’t a pile of assets — it’s just your roster.chris.herring: I’ll one-up you, Kyle. What about a 55-win roster that can’t win anything past a first-round series? Because that’s what you have with the Clippers. Only now they don’t have Chris Paul, either.They are paying a whole lot of money to be decent these next few years. Huge, $173 million payout to Blake Griffin. Big money for Gallinari, who I love, but who also can’t stay healthy. They’re spinning this as the best frontcourt in the league, with DeAndre Jordan. But what about their backcourt? And why is Doc still in charge of personnel?!neil: Yeah — while most teams in recent years have been trying to get out of the no-man’s land between contending and rebuilding, the Clippers seem like they just locked themselves in that zone for a while.chris.herring: I have a feeling Toronto just did the same thing. Although I’d have a hard time blowing everything up if LeBron might be leaving Cleveland in a year, too.kyle: Yeah, the Clippers’ frontcourt will be amazing for the 20-odd games they’re on the court together. I do love Gallo, though, who’s a really underrated player and drives the lane like he’s running from the cops on stilts.But I respect teams not just immediately tearing down. This is the first extended run of success the team has had in god knows how long. It’s a bummer that they’re not sniffing the Warriors’ contrails, but putting out a basketball team that doesn’t raise Clippers fans’ depression rate is an OK place for them to be.neil: And just to bring it back to the “interesting” (if not championship-level) teams angle, maybe that’s an encouraging sign for the league next year. Between the Chris Paul experiment in Houston; these new free agents; Denver; and maybe the most compelling future team, the Pelicans, who scarcely made a splash this offseason, it seems like we’ll have plenty of interesting teams and rosters, even if the Warriors are heavy favorites again (and again, and again).chris.herring: The NBA’s got me addicted. I can’t quit now, even if we pretty much know how this will end this time next year.kyle: And the rookies! This year’s lottery class will add a bunch of entertaining League Pass teams, and CARMELO has a bunch slated as great prospects. Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball at the top are both on interesting young teams (the Sixers more so than the Lakers, obviously), but teams like the Kings (with De’Aaron Fox, Harry Giles and second-year Buddy Hield) or Hornets (with Malik Monk pairing with Kemba Walker, who’s become a legitimate star) will be a lot of fun.neil: Lonzo in L.A. alone should be worth the price of admission.kyle: Without the Warriors, this would be one of the most entertaining, wide-open eras the league has ever seen. With them around, the season should be a hell of a party before the scheduled execution. read more

Football LeCharles Bentley transforming Pat Elflein into top center ahead of NFL

When Pat Elflein announced he was returning to the Ohio State football team in 2016, he and then-redshirt sophomore guard Billy Price were the only two returning members for the Buckeyes. Coaches decided that Elflein would be shifting to play center, a move which could have seen the Pickerington, Ohio, native fall flat on his face in his final year of eligibility. Instead, Elflein is now considered the third-best center in this year’s draft, and is projected as high as a third-round pick according to Walterfootball.com.2/2 – 6 weeks… The rabbit hole is deep with this one…. It’s the process…. @elflein65 #OLPBuiltToDominate™ pic.twitter.com/4aVR421DKe— Offensive Line Performance (@OLPerformance) February 23, 2017A staple of the offensive line last season for the Buckeyes and the unquestioned leader of “The Slobs,” Elflein has been criticized for a lack of strength and occasionally slow feet. Said to give up too much room and lack speed, Elflein arrived at OSU’s Pro Day with a much trimmer and impressive physique.“It’s all diet,” he said. “Diet, obviously training hard with great trainer, great coach LeCharles Bentley. It’s just all about the way you eat, what you’re putting in your body and training hard.”Bentley, a former four-year letterwinner for OSU from 1998-2001, owns and runs O-Line Performance, a training center for upcoming NFL lineman hopefuls. Although Elflein was listed at 303 pounds during the combine after being listed at 300 pounds during the season, he has made a clear change in his physicality. 1/2 – 6 weeks of doing what needed to be done. We’re not finished… It’s the process @elflein65 #OLPBuiltToDominate™ pic.twitter.com/WkjDO5KDVS— Offensive Line Performance (@OLPerformance) February 23, 2017Elflein anchored the middle of the offensive line last season, and Price said not having him next season will be a tough pill to swallow.“I’m going to try and follow Pat’s step, Pat’s lead,” Price said. “The transformation I’ve been able to make over four years, following behind Pat — that’s going to be tough losing him.”With his change in physique, Elflein might have gained some of the strength he lacked at the combine. Whomever takes a chance on him is still a mystery, but he will likely hear his name called in the middle rounds of the draft.Even with the steps forward in his diet, Elflein said he still allows himself just one cheat meal every now and then.“Roosters,” Elflein said with a smile.The Pickerington native said he was actually at Rooster’s last year watching the draft when teammate, and friend, Taylor Decker was drafted in the first round. While he won’t be there this season, he’s still hoping for the chain chicken fingers restaurant to keep him in mind.“Please sponsor me,” he said. “I’ll be your wingman.” read more

Pochettino compares Chelsea game to a North London derby

first_imgMauricio Pochettino believes that their upcoming match against Chelsea in the Premier League is comparable to a North London derbySpurs will face Chelsea in a a potentially decisive game with both sides competing for a top four spot in the Premier League this season with Pochettino’s side looking to secure a first win at Stamford Bridge for the first time in 28 years.“I think, to compare with Arsenal, I think it is similar. Similar in everything.” said Pochettino, according to Sky Sports.“Arsenal, Chelsea are always tough games because they are derbies. For me it is a similar type of opponent and, for the fans, it is so important.“And of course three points for us would be fantastic, to put us in a very good position in the table.”Currently Pochettino’s side have a five point lead over last season’s league winner’s in fourth place and a win will give them an eight point with just seven matches remaining, but the Spurs’ coach warned that it is still far from over.Jose Mourinho is sold on Lampard succeeding at Chelsea Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 Jose Mourinho wanted to give his two cents on Frank Lampard’s odds as the new Chelsea FC manager, he thinks he will succeed.There really…“It is always a massive game, because it is a London derby. I think, when you play this type of game, I think the pressure is for both teams.” continued the Argentine.“Of course, there are still a lot of games to play.“It is not a final, it is not a decisive game that is going to put you in one or another position, because there are still a lot of games to play.“But obviously it is important for your confidence, your motivation.“To win against Chelsea would be fantastic for everyone but it will be a very tough game – they are a very good team and it is always tough to compete with them.”Previously, Pochettino revealed that injured star forward Harry Kane was making very progress with his ankle and may feature for the side on Sunday. Defender Toby Alderweireld, who played for Belgium during the international break, will also be assessed the club before the match.last_img read more

Ryan Loft agrees twoyear Leicester contract

first_imgOnce the World Cup ends on Sunday, the summer transfer window will become heated up, and we at Ronaldo, are all here to report all of it.As clubs seal up transfer and negotiate transfer talks, former Tottenham striker, Ryan Loft has signed a two-year contract with Leicester, according to Sky SportsLoft, who is 20-year-old will connect with the Foxes’ development squad ahead of the new season.Christian Eriksen, Tottenham, SpursPochettino: ‘Happy’ Christian Eriksen ready for Spurs action Andrew Smyth – September 12, 2019 Mauricio Pochettino insists Christian Eriksen is “happy” and in the right frame of mind for Tottenham despite his failed summer exit.Loft joined Tottenham in 2013, however, he couldn’t make a first-team appearance as he also spent time on loan at Braintree Town, Stevenage and Exeter. He was released by Spurs at the end of last season.After playing for Dartford and Ebbsfleet United, Loft joined Tottenham Hotspur for the 2013–14 season. He moved to Braintree Town in March 2016 on a ‘work experience’ deal, He signed on loan for Stevenage in January 2017, and for Exeter City in January 2018.He was released by Tottenham at the end of the 2017–18 season. Loft attended Northfleet Technology College, where he was a high jump champion.last_img read more

Premier speaks out on Tourist Attack Positive Campaign to launch

first_imgTurks and Caicos, June 27th 2017: Premier Sharlene Cartwright Robinson will embark on an aggressive positive campaign in coming days and months with Tourist stakeholders in an effort to reaffirm the TCI as a safe destination. In a release, the Premier says her government is working arduously with the Police Service on “devising a way forward on repairing the obvious fall out” following the attack on American Tourist, Kevin Newman.In acknowledging the incident as an eye opener to the people of the TCI, the Premier says her government will not tolerate any heinous crimes and stated that “serious crime strategies were already in train together with tougher penalties” and a plan to save its youth as the keys to lowering crime in the TCI.And one of the areas she says government is working on is sending added police to the Grace Bay area, while she reminded the public that stiff penalties for gun crimes and crimes against visitors to our shores were already in law.Premier Robinson says while she will not downplay the incident, she says “crime fighting is everyone’s business” and called for an ‘all hands on deck’ approach in the TCI, with “residents and visitors alike asked to be vigilant and not take any unnecessary risks by making yourselves an easy victim”.And while she says now was not the time to make speeches, she reiterated her government’s crime fighting initiatives, including $1.2M set aside for new policing vehicles, and the CCTV project currently on the cards.Meanwhile, the Premier says despite the NHIP policy her government was able to offer coverage for medical transport, but arrangements were already done privately. The premier says the Tourist Board will continue to maintain contact with Mrs Newman and receive updates on his care. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp #MagneticMediaNews#TCIPositiveCampaign Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:last_img read more