By Derk van Dorsten My motivation When I first hea

first_imgBy Derk van DorstenMy motivationWhen I first heard Hans perform a few parts of the songs on a Sunday service I realized that this is very special music. It felt as if it came directly from Heaven and later I realized that it is Heavenly Parent’s desire that it must be heard by all humanity as it is filled with the heart of Hyojeong. I thought about the fact that when Jesus was walking on the earth that nobody composed and performed the music to truly honour him. This is very sad. It was only after many years that God could finally find a composer who honoured Jesus in the correct way. We all know Johan Sebastian Bach and the beautiful cantatas and choral music he wrote to honour God and Jesus.Now however we have a composer who writes the music to honour God and True Parents at this very moment and we have the opportunity to perform this for them while True Mother is walking on the face of the earth.Realizing this I wanted to support and be part of the project to (hopefully) perform this for True Parents and offer it to them. Later I also realized that we can only offer this when we as brothers and sisters are united and offer it to them with a right heart.The ProjectThe first way in which I participated was by entering the musical scores in the computer and learning the music. Later when we were practicing together in Dusseldorf for the audio recordings of the voices for the backing track, I realized we needed a much more systematic training method and that we needed to be more serious if we wanted to succeed. So, after Sunday service I spoke to brothers and sisters on how we needed a more structured approach and also about the necessity to choose only the best singers to make the recordings. My goal remained to make the most beautiful recording and performance. That afternoon we practiced in small groups and we discussed not only the deeper meaning of this music and our attitude while singing, but also on how it should be performed correctly musically speaking. This was a big challenge for all of us since we are not trained singers.Coming to KoreaComing to Korea I was welcomed by Jeong-Hye. She took such good care us and of so many things that we do not know. She also helped us to connect with the cultural department. Even then there were also many challenges that we faced while we were preparing for the performance in Korea. Having arrived there, many brothers and sisters did not yet know their part and some of them had difficulty singing the correct pitch. Since everyone had a deep desire to become part of the performance we realized we could not send anyone away and had to find a way to integrate everybody in our choir.We also insisted on making a very good performance so we decided to place the best singers in the front and the singers with difficulties in the back. In a way, the not so good singers had to acknowledge that they were not so good (not so easy to do) and find their proper place in the choir and learn from others. After some time, everybody found their right place in the choir and the proper orderliness were found and respected.We also had to learn to sing with the backing track and the orchestra led by Benjamin Lajda. Coming from different parts of the world it was only in Korea that the orchestra could practice together and some parts they had to play were quite challenging. They really supported the choir and helped us reach a much higher level.Internal challenges and invitation to the Heavenly PalaceI strongly believe that we must always accept the position that God gives us no matter how difficult it might be and only focus on fulfilling our responsibility within this position. It is only through this that restoration can take place. So, I tried to understand from Heavenly Parent what were the roles and positions that he wanted me to fulfil. This was not easy at times.For example, it became clear that the performance itself was quite a challenge so we decided it was better that I stayed at the mixing panel in the back of the main hall. Also, this way it was easier for Kazuha to coordinate with me. It meant however that it would not be possible for me to perform for True Parents.After the first performance, the cultural department invited the orchestra to perform in the Heavenly Palace. This is of course a big honour. It was decided that Hans and Kazuha would also go there and perform with the orchestra. I realised I must accept again not being in a position to perform. This was more difficult than the first time. In this difficult situation, I felt the support of Hans and Kazuha and this really helped me. After some time, I began to realize it was not just the orchestra, but that it was Heaven’s wish that these very special songs should be performed again in front of True Parents. After discussing this with Hans and Kazuha they realized the same. So, we proposed this to the cultural department and they agreed with this as well. Thanks to some brothers and sisters even changing their flight and the wonderful playing and support of the orchestra, we then could have this life changing performance for True Parents at the Heavenly Palace. My deep wish to perform in front of them these wonderful songs was also granted by our Heavenly Parent.I want to thank everybody for participating in this project especially for their desire to do this and especially Hans and Kazuha for their personal support.Click to see the Performance in front of True Parentslast_img read more