Google PR value for some of the effects of love Shanghai optimization

so, why so much love for the optimization of Shanghai station also dedicated to Google? Guangzhou Ding Sheng Building Foundation Engineering Co., Xiaobian looking for friends of the chain will encounter such an embarrassing situation: the website ranking, love Shanghai weight, chain number, and are included to be roughly the same party website, and in general index of stability but also slightly better than the other sites, but Google PR value is 3, but the other insisted to friends of the chain website Google value of 5 or above. After love Shanghai several times algorithm updates, other website ranking dropped. Simple analysis of the friends of the chain, Google other site even though the value of it in more than 5, but love Shanghai weights are not high, not included, ranking general, comprehensive quality is not high, so it can give a website chain weight and traffic are very few. read more

Shanghai to promote love website included quantity and time of the snapshot update

three: solve their own hard to write original articles can also be included, the construction of new sites to just very useful, or that sentence, the search engine will be included which are useful article, and this article you are on the Internet exposure rate is high, the search engine will be more useful, so when you have the original article finished, can to other high weight forum to send, of course, to link with, or the others became the site! As long as the exposure rate is high, but also bring the link address search engine that can be traced to the value of a good, your site will be included in this article! read more