Religious leaders participate in child abuse consultation

first_img Tweet Share Sharing is caring! Religious leaders in Dominica are today Monday 18 May 2015 being sensitized on the status of child abuse on the island and their role in child protection. The leaders, who come from different denominations, are participating in a consultation at the Dominica Public Service Union building in Roseau organized by the Social Welfare Division.“As leaders you are seen as frontline workers not only in your church, but also in your community; persons come to you for advise, look up to you and respect you because you because you are seen as someone who has a personal relationship with God and one who may have the answer,” Coordinator of the Child Abuse Prevention Unit, Jemma Azille Lewis told the leaders.Mrs Lewis told the start of Monday’s consultation that there must be a unified approach in dealing with child abuse in Dominica. “Child abuse is a societal ill in Dominica and it is one of major concern and we can term it as a silent emergency,” Mrs Lewis said.“In order to combat the issue on child abuse it needs a unified approach; that means not only the Social Welfare Division, not only the Ministry of Social Services by extension but also you as the church religious officials, faith based organizations to make an input because no one can do it alone,” Mrs Lewis continued. She said the religious community “definitely” has a role to play in the care and protection of our children. “Sadly, our children are abused by various forms of abuse almost on a daily basis which includes physical abuse, child neglect to abandonment, sexual abuse, emotional abuse,” she informed. Mrs. Lewis also encouraged the leaders to implement programs and activities in their congregations and communities targeting the issue of child abuse. “It is hoped that you take on the matter very seriously and that you will create even a greater awareness on the issue of child abuse,” Mrs. Lewis noted. Peer counselors from Secondary schools across the island participate in another consultation organized by the Social Welfare Division at the Dominica Public Service Union on Friday 22 May 2015. Sharecenter_img 158 Views   one comment LocalNews Religious leaders participate in child abuse consultation by: Dominica Vibes News – May 18, 2015 Sharelast_img read more

Car Driver Gets a Condom for Parking in A Motorcycle Lot

first_imgA car driver in Singapore received a condom for his inconsiderate behavior.In the picture which has made rounds in the internet, a Mercedes-Benz was parked in a motorcycle parking lot. Someone got ticked off by the crass behavior and stuck a condom and note on the car’s windshield.The note read, “This is a bike lot, you idiot. Here is a condom so you don’t reproduce.”The report said that the picture “memo” received many positive comments from motorcyclists who often encounter such instances. They even uploaded pictures of cars that committed the same offence.C’mon, just admit it. All of us felt like doing this to a car that’s parked in a motorcycle lot. There are so many of such cases here in Malaysia. We pull up to a parking area for motorcycles only to find it occupied by a car. Then we had to park elsewhere and ended up getting fined or worse, finding the city council minions had clamped the front brake lever. Yet cars, especially luxury ones get away scot-free.This isn’t to say that motorcyclists are angels when it comes to parking. Many a time when motorcycles are slotted in between parked cars, marking life difficult for car drivers.So, let’s all be considerate and park accordingly.Source:–Ads– The driver had parked his car in a motorcycle parking lot. A car driver in Singapore received a condom for his inconsiderate behavior. A note told the driver to not reproduce. Photo credit Erin on FBlast_img read more

SPI Planning and Zoning discusses Character Zones

first_img RelatedDSRTF discusses Island hotel, commercial developmentBy ABBEY KUNKLE Special to the PRESS The SPI Development Standards Review Task Force (DSRTF) met Tuesday morning for a short meeting to discuss a Special Development Plan for the Courtyard by Marriott as well as a zoning designation for the recently annexed Ocean Tower Property. The Courtyard by Marriott…June 12, 2015In “News”City mulls ‘family friendly’ image in zoning discussionBy ABBEY KUNKLE Special to the PRESS With the recent review of Form Based Code and zoning on the Island, the SPI Development Standards Review Task Force (DSRTF) met Tuesday morning to discuss the Schedule of Uses for types of development to be allowed on Padre Boulevard and in the…April 17, 2015In “News”Three Flags Over Padre to be overhauledBy KEVIN RICH Special to the PRESS The South Padre Island Planning and Zoning Committee (P&Z) considered a request for a specific use permit to allow the expansion and operation of an outdoor amusement park during a meeting on Wednesday, May 16. City Council also heard the request during their meeting…May 25, 2018In “News” By ABBEY KUNKLESpecial to the PRESSThe South Padre Island Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) met last Thursday afternoon for their first meeting since December. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the schedule of uses for zoning with the Form Based Code specifically in reference to Padre Boulevard and the Entertainment District.The P&Z discussed the scheduled uses for zoning with the Form Based Code that had been reviewed by the Design Standards Review Task Force (DSRTF) two days prior. One significant topic of discussion was the permitted areas for residential single-family homes. The DSRTF had recommended that these homes be permitted in bay front and Entertainment District Core zones as special exceptions, which would allow for the owner to be notified that a business like a bar or club could be built next to their home as it is in that zoned area. The P&Z agreed with that consensus, but also felt that residences should be allowed in other areas — such as along Padre Boulevard — which would bring the benefit of developing the land, making it useable, and raising its value. The committee changed the recommendation to include all zones of the Form Based Code to allow single-family homes as special exceptions.Want the whole story? Pick up a copy of the Port Isabel-South Padre Press, or subscribe to our E-Edition by clicking here. Sharelast_img read more

Volleyball Game Notes: Week 3

first_img Share Volleyball Game Notes: Week 3 UWF Volleyball (Photo by John Blackie) center_img PENSACOLA, Fla. — The Argos host their second tournament of 2009 in the Hemingway’s Regional Crossover, beginning Thursday night at 7:00pm. West Florida faces region rival No. 17 Nova Southeastern on their home court to begin the weekend. West Florida will face a handful of regional opponents, including No. 5 Tampa, No. 11 Florida Southern, and Saint Leo. COMPLETE GAME NOTES. Print Friendly Versionlast_img read more

UWF to host 4th annual Military Appreciation Day

first_img PENSACOLA, Fla. – The West Florida baseball and softball teams will host the 4th annual Pen Air Federal Credit Union Military Appreciation Day to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project during the team’s doubleheaders against Shorter Saturday, April 12. The softball team’s doubleheader begins at 1 p.m. and the baseball team’s doubleheader begins at 2 p.m.“It’s important for us to show our men and women in uniform that we support them and appreciate the sacrifices they make for our country,” said UWF athletic director Dave Scott. “The fact that we’re in a military town in Pensacola makes it even more important. This is the fourth year that we’ve held a military appreciation day, and we look forward to continuing the tradition in the future.”The first 500 fans at the game will receive a free UWF t-shirt or free UWF camo hat, and there will be a free cookout for all fans. Donations to the Wounded Warrior Project will be accepted in lieu of tickets. In addition, Cat Country 98.7 will be broadcasting from the East Sports Complex.Throwing out the first pitch before the baseball game will be Zac Leach, a 0331 Machine Gunner in the United States Marine Corps. Leach did two combat deployments to Afghanistan. After his enlistment, he moved to Pensacola where he now attends the University of West Florida pursuing a major in Sports and Exercise Science and a minor in Sports and Exercise Psychology.”We always want to help anytime we can give back to our military to show appreciation for our freedoms and the things that we’re able to do because of their sacrifice,” said UWF baseball coach Mike Jeffcoat. “All of those young men and women that come home and have injuries have to adjust back to normal life, and Wounded Warrior helps support that. Any kind of thing that we can do to help support that is something that we need to do.”For information on all UWF athletics, visit #ARGOS#Print Friendly Version The West Florida baseball and softball teams will host the 4th annual Pen Air Federal Credit Union Military Appreciation Day Saturday. (Photo by Bill Stockland) UWF to host 4th annual Military Appreciation Daycenter_img Sharelast_img read more

ACLU should be outspoken advocate of Peterson’s right to due process

first_img NFL, ACLU, Minnesota Vikings, Adrian Peterson No due process: The Minnesota Vikings have ignored running back Adrian Peterson’s Constitutional rights, denying him the right to work. The state of Texas has not yet made a decision about child abuse accusations against him. | REUTERS/USA TODAY SPORTS VERO BEACH, FLORIDA – Where is the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) when you REALLY need it?That’s the question suspended Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson — accused of child abuse for disciplining his 4-year-old son with a switch — must be asking himself these days. Why isn’t the ACLU coming to his aid, Peterson is probably wondering, while his rights under federal law are being trampled.The ACLU has long served as a self-appointed — and not always popular — protector of U.S. Constitutional rights.It often lodges protests and seeks change when it deems certain things to not be entirely in line with the Bill of Rights and amendments to it.ACLUers believe in strict application of the American “Law of the Land” — especially in the area of separation of church and state.Violations of this principle commonly occur but are overlooked with a no-harm, no foul attitude by most Americans.But they do not escape the watchful eye of the ACLU.And, whether you agree with the ACLU’s stance against the mixing of religion and government or not, you must admit that, by the letter of the law, public school prayer and other such religious observances and items (Easter crosses, Christmas trees, etc.) in certain settings ARE indeed unconstitutional — no matter how well-intended.So, what about Peterson’s right to due process accorded him by the constitution — the assumption of innocence until proven guilty in a court of law?Especially given the circumstances surrounding Adrian’s actions.In case you’ve just come out of a coma, here are his particulars.Minnesota Vikings management initially suspended Peterson when he was officially charged with child abuse by authorities in his home state of Texas while Vikes honchos sorted through the facts available to them.The Vikings organization then conducted a thorough investigation of the matter; they got everyone’s side of the story — including Peterson’s claim he meant no harm, that he was just disciplining his child in the same manner he and many kids growing up in the same region were.Among others, Charles Barkley came to Peterson’s aid by saying that’s the way many black kids — himself included — in the southern U.S. were disciplined (not that switching is exclusively a black thing; white boy MAS, too, was switched a time or four in his childhood).What constitutes child abuse is often not clearly outlined or defined by state laws. It’s sort of a “you know it when you see it” deal.In this instance, a doctor discovered it.Because of its hazy nature, the Vikings concluded that the courts should decide if Peterson was guilty of child abuse or not.He was reinstated and cleared to play while the wheels of justice turned.In other words, the Vikes recognized and respected Peterson’s right of due process under the U.S. Constitution.The ACLU should have been exulting — no doubt their previous watchdog activities had contributed to the Vikings stance on the issue.Dead silence from them, though.But that was not the end of the matter — more on that in a bit.At this point, it should be noted that MAS feels there is a clear distinction between Peterson’s situation and those cases involving the Baltimore Ravens’ Ray Rice and Greg Hardy of the Carolina Panthers (both also suspended indefinitely for domestic violence).Rice was seen on a smoking gun video and Hardy was appealing his already handed down conviction.Whatever constitutional and legal protections the pair have — double jeopardy in Rice’s case and due process in Hardy’s appeal — are, in good conscience, hard to argue for.Though, again, if the ACLU wanted to cross ALL the t’s and dot all the i’s in “constitutional protection”, they could conceivably come to the defense of the pair — they’ve done it in the past with admitted murderers.What’s the diff?Getting back to the Vikings’ “let the courts do their thing” stance: Immediately after their announcement of Peterson’s reinstatement, Vikes management came under heavy fire from a variety of folks, including the governor of Minnesota, appalled that the team dared allow a child abuser to play for them.But it wasn’t until the Vikings’ corporate sponsors joined the guilty-until-proven innocent chorus that the ballclub caved in and reversed its stance and again gave the boot to Peterson (although the Vikes must still pay him).What a cowardly and unconscionable thing done by the money-grubbing Viking management!What about Peterson’s right of due process and how about the, um, you know, life, liberty and pursuit of happiness thingy?The Vikings brass has met the enemy, the PC Police. Vikes honchos came, saw and . . . kowtowed.Let it be known that MAS is neither condoning what Peterson did or condemning him for his actions.Only speaking out for his constitutional rights.In a matter of considerable relevance, despite being charged with domestic violence (involving a male minor), Hope Solo, goalkeeper for the U.S. Women’s national soccer team, will continue to play for the squad as she awaits her November trial date.Can you say gross inequity?And double standard?Regarding the Peterson situation, if you asked 100 people off the record — without fear of the PC Police breaking down their door — half would say they’re not sure whether what he did amounted to child abuse.Many folks, like MAS and Sir Charles, no doubt got a slight licking or three when they were young and feel they turned out alright.My point is: where does a parent’s right to discipline his child end and child abuse begin?As stated, the laws are often nebulous in this regard.Personally, MAS doesn’t believe in corporal punishment. He has a wonderful daughter in both mind and body who he never once spanked or anything of the sort.He believed in — and practiced — common sense human reasoning in raising his Kimmy, aka Li’l Dumplin’.And it worked out darn well.But who is MAS to try to force his methodology upon others — as so many have done in the Peterson situation?Shame on you, Minny guv, and you corporate shills for your bullying tactics.It’s such a “Who’s to say?” deal, how about we leave it up to those whose job it IS to say in these gray area instances.Whaddya say, ACLU, are you with me regarding protecting Adrian Peterson’s Constitutional rights?Hello . . . hello . . . anybody there?Contact Man About Sports at: GET THE BEST OF THE JAPAN TIMEScenter_img IN FIVE EASY PIECES WITH TAKE 5 RELATED PHOTOS KEYWORDSlast_img read more

Ibra returns to Italy amidst questions at home

first_imgSTOCKHOLM (AP):Zlatan Ibrahimovic returned to Italy yesterday and is set to spend time in quarantine before training with AC Milan ahead of the potential return of the Serie A season.He leaves behind plenty of questions in his native Sweden.Ibrahimovic has been keeping up his fitness by training with Hammarby, the Stockholm-based club in which he bought a nearly 25 per cent stake last year in his controversial first move into football ownership. He has practised with Hammarby’s men’s and women’s teams, including playing a training match, because Sweden is not under strict lockdown measures during the coronavirus pandemic. RAISED HOPES It has raised hopes at Hammarby, and belief among football fans in Sweden, that the 38-year-old Ibrahimovic could return to the club as a player – not just an investor – in the final years of his career. He previously has said he would not play club football again in the country of his birth, having had a globe-trotting career after leaving his boyhood club, Malmo.Hammarby sports manager Jesper Jansson said there is a possibility Ibrahimovic could play for the club one day.“Only Zlatan himself knows,” Jansson told Swedish daily Expressen. “He hasn’t said anything like that and it’s not that I need to ask him and tell him that we want him here.”Milan and most of the other Italian league clubs resumed training on an individual basis last week before full team training restarts next Monday.Ibrahimovic is one of the last Serie A players to return to Italy ahead of the potential league restart and he didn’t give much away about his future during his few weeks at Hammarby.“I have a contract with Milan, we will see how it ends there. If it ends,” he told Swedish broadcaster Delay. “I want to play football for as long as I can.”Ibrahimovic has a contract with Milan until the end of the season. The Swedish league is hoping to be staged from June to December.last_img read more

Moresby North-East RL becomes PNGRFL member

first_imgRugby League BY SIMON KESLEP Increasing population of rugby league talents in the nation’s capital particularly Moresby North-east electorate triggers a need for competition pathway. These talents especially youths in settlements and suburbs can now be passionate and play to their best in true sportsmanship given the officially launching of the Port Moresby North-east Rugby League Association as an affiliate to the Papua New Guinea Rugby Football League. Gone are those days whereby teams in the electorate dig deep into their pocket to hire PMV buses and even travel to the other two electorates in the nation’s capital just because of the love and passionate of playing rugby league. The affiliation and launching of the association was made possible through the initiative of Moresby North-east Member of Parliament John Kaupa. “When I was not elected a member of parliament, I was a rugby league fan myself…moving from Bomana, Unagi Oval, Jack Pidik all the way to Sabama following rugby league where my 7-Mile Jets and 6-Mile Tigers go and I follow them,” Kaupa said. “This is one of my dreams – affiliate Port Moresby North-east electorate to PNG Rugby Football League and it came true today (Thursday). We’ve got about one million people in the city and our youths are increasing and Port Moresby rugby league cannot cater for all. We will work with the PNGRFL to be in-line with their guidelines, programs so that we can give fair chances to our youths to participate.” According to Kaupa, the Office of Moresby North-east and under his political leadership, K500,000 funding will be provided as start up for the season 2020. He is also calling on the support of NCD Governor Powes Parkop including business houses in the electorate to get behind and support the initiative. “The first prize for Port Moresby North-east A grade is K50,000 and my electorate is willing to fund half a million as a start-up capital and I will be asking my governor (NCD Governor Powes Parkop) including the city manager to assist me. I need all the support from all commissioners, Governor, city administration,” said Kaupa. PNG Rugby Football League chairman Sandis Tsaka commended Kaupa for his initiative and support towards establishing an avenue for rugby league talents. “Rugby league has moved from an amateur backyard format to another level. Good management, complying with rules, opportunities to participate in development pathways is what PNGRFL emphasises on. “Welcome on board to the PNGRFL family. It takes a lot of effort, you have to be passionate and competitions are always run by volunteers. We look forward to working with you. Rugby league is a vehicle to drive social cohesion, providing economic spin-off benefits, holistic development tool and bring development to the community,” said Tsaka. The association also received full backing from PNGRFL’s Southern Confederate director Gwaibo Mairi. He said the launching of the association is an added bonus to Southern Confederate given it is one of the largest confederates under PNGRFL. “Referee up-skilling and other affiliation benefits for the betterment of the game – rugby league,” said Mairi. Kaupa said they are in discussions with Bomana Police and Correctional Services administration if they can host competitions there (Bomana). He said the initiative will continue to be backed by the Office of Port Moresby North-east in the future.last_img read more

Les Miles: ‘Something going on at LSU’

first_imgLSU Tigers head coach Les Miles against the Auburn Tigers during the second quarter of a game at Tiger Stadium.LSU Tigers head coach Les Miles against the Auburn Tigers during the second quarter of a game at Tiger Stadium.BATON ROUGE – What was behind tailback Leonard Fournette’s explosion onto the national scene Saturday against Auburn was an LSU offensive line committed to showing the Southeastern Conference that it has arrived, LSU coach Les Miles said Monday at his weekly press luncheon.The result was a career high 228 yards rushing on 19 carries and a school record 12 yards a carry for Fournette as well as 411 yards rushing in all — the most for LSU in an SEC game since 1997 — in LSU’s 45-21 win at Tiger Stadium.“Yeah, they wanted to play, and they wanted to play in a way that this conference could see there was something going on at LSU,” Miles said of his offensive line. “You heard it come out of their mouths. It’s what they wanted to have happen. They were satisfied at the end of the day, and at the end of the day only.”The No. 8 Tigers (2-0 overall) are 2-0 in the Southeastern Conference for the first time since 2011 and play at Syracuse (3-0) at 11 a.m. Saturday on ESPN.LSU a force in SEC again, Fournette off to New York“Hadn’t been to New York before with an LSU team before,” Miles said. “It’ll be certainly an experience we look forward to.”The Tigers came out of the Auburn game virtually injury free. Fournette suffered a slight bruise on his knee on his last of three touchdowns. Starting tight end Dillon Gordon pulled his Achilles tendon.“He’s fine,” Miles said of Fournette. “As hard as he runs, if he doesn’t get bruised, there’s something wrong.”Miles said Gordon is day to day. “It’s not that serious,” he said. “I think we would expect him to travel.”Outside linebacker Duke Riley will likely replace Deion Jones in the lineup, Miles said, with Jones getting suspended for the first half at Syracuse because of a targeting tackle in the second half against Auburn.Miles was asked about Fournette’s sudden candidacy for the Heisman Trophy.“I’m for national awards to our players, and I think Leonard is a good person and somebody who could easily be considered for a number of national awards,” Miles said. “That’s not my focus. I think our team recognizes that if we have success and continue to do the things that we’re capable of doing, there’ll be a lot of national awards really sprinkled throughout the team. And Leonard would certainly be, if not the first consideration, maybe the strongest consideration.”Lang III: Fournette rumbles into Heisman raceMiles said a special focus toward Fournette getting the ball is not needed to win a Heisman at LSU, which hasn’t been done since tailback Billy Cannon won it in 1959.“The player seems to exceed the spot that the school has for him,” Miles said. “I think that happens in a number of ways. I think we absolutely have one (a Heisman candidate). The player so much determines how you use him.”Coverage of LSU and Glenn Guilbeau commentary supported by Hebert’s Town and Country Auto Dealer in Shreveport located at 1155 E. Bert Kouns. Research your next Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or RAM at read more

McClaren laughs off reports linking QPR with Martin and Ward

first_imgSteve McClaren has laughed off speculation linking him with Derby County striker Chris Martin and Nottingham Forest forward Jamie Ward.Both men previously played under McClaren at Derby and he has been tipped to sign them following his recent appointment as QPR manager.McClaren said: “I expect over the next few days and weeks we’ll be linked with everybody. That’s football.AdChoices广告“We’ll have time to sit down, to plan and to look ahead.”But McClaren has suggested that he will look to add experienced players to his squad this summer.Speaking at a media conference on Monday, he said: “This squad I believe is a very good squad; young, energetic, with a good attitude and can play football.“They’ve already proved that at the end of the season when the young players were thrown in and did well.“But to go forward and improve you need experience around you.“The next stage over the next year is to move forward, add experience and if we do that we can progress.” Embed from Getty Images See also:QPR’s Ramsey wins award for youth developmentQPR confirm McClaren as managerMcClaren: QPR need experienced playersHolloway ‘bitterly disappointed’ by QPR sackingcenter_img Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more