Zhang Xiang three realms of doing websites

In the "human words" in modern

Ancient Chinese Literature Search masters Wang Guowei described three realms of life: the first level is "energy-saving, the tower alone, looking at the endless road." The second level is "my end is no regrets, pining away to." The third level is "hard to find, suddenly look back, that person but in the lights dim." He take three songs Miss Valentine’s song, unique and deeply summarized numerous events, the history of industry university asked the secret of success, it’s very clever. For grassroots webmaster, you need to have the site never do, from small to big, from weak to strong, and its course is also big experience through the above three realms. read more

How to develop the distance Yanjing Beer steps

Yanjing Beer I am afraid we are not unfamiliar, maybe you did last night, the beer on the market so much, why Yanjing Beer can account for the main force position, with the view of Yanjing Beer is how to run.

since 1999, Yanjing Beer group entered a period of rapid expansion, Jiangxi, Hubei, Guangxi, East Mountain, etc. more than a dozen beer enterprises have been back door, Yanjing tentacles extend to all parts of the country from North china.

swallowed so many companies in a short time, can not digest got? Today, Yan beer with a string of impressive figures to answer – beer production increased by 33% per year, in 2001 reached a total of 1 million 700 thousand tons, sales revenue grew by an average annual profit of $40070, an average annual growth of 45%. 2002 1-8 month production of 1 million 580 thousand tons, sales revenue reached $3 billion 556 million, an increase of 62%. Through mergers and acquisitions, Yanjing not only bigger enterprises, stronger companies. read more

Open home features jewelry store decoration skills to master

now women’s consumption ability is greatly improved, open a specialty jewelry stores to start a business is a good choice, but the female consumers in the choice of jewelry shop is very pay attention to store decoration, so entrepreneurs should also know about the jewelry stores decoration and design skills.

features jewelry chain stores have outstanding sales and perfect the market project, the stability becomes more and more mature development opportunities, but also to have a mature business rules and techniques, want to know how to operate a special jewelry chain stores is every investor’s dream, so more people want to know when you dream what need to do preparatory work to start read more

Three gold keys let you easily start

for many entrepreneurs, want to start a more relaxed way, not only to choose a good project to join, you need to have a qualified entrepreneur should have quality. Only their own good enough, the right way to deal with the problem encountered in the process of entrepreneurship, to be able to make the process more smoothly. Three gold keys let you easily start:

1, a strong sense of investment

venture like a huge magnet, attracting many investors. However, not everyone who wants to get rich can succeed in activities. Successful investors must have a certain sense of investment. The investment consciousness is the investor’s rational understanding of the investment activities or psychological, ideological preparation, investors should have the most basic quality. read more

Reading corner so that the shop business is booming

a shop if you want to make business booming, often need to use a variety of business skills. After all, the current market is highly competitive, without more skills, it will make it difficult for the development of business. As for me, let my home store to attract customers is an important business rules to establish a "reading corner".

my home supermarket is located in the residential area, the customer base is the area of all households. Previously, only a small supermarket in my neighborhood, tenants are on my shop shopping, I shop business is very hot. The year before last, developers in the vicinity of the development of a new residential area, but with the gradual improvement of the facilities in the New District in the song, the new district house sold very fire, almost all sold out. In this way, more and more households I shop nearby, so some people saw business opportunities, one after another in the shop nearby and opened a convenience store, I shop left shunt part of the customer, I shop business will gradually cool down. read more