Explore the path of Blogging make a clear niche for Blogs

, this blog is a little bit different. "This blog is a bit of a mess." a lot of friends have been making such an exclamation when visiting loose blogs. How loose bright blog article what are, from the website of SEO technology to the network, the latest development, there is a bright individual love song song, funny video, and the original early relates to Jiezhuang software, finally is the loose light personal life.

                the loose article is indeed a small area, really. Heard friends sigh, loose light now feel to hear your friend’s opinion might not be a bad thing, loose light in these two days are also thinking about this issue, his blog really should think about the development of ideas, and the same period in the development of blog there are many already in a lot of the month silver, but loose bright blog every day now eat pine bright blood, let loose light support. Really, I decided to make a correction of the whole idea of the blog. read more

Since the media era, the transformation of the owners do good

before the webmaster is a full-time or part-time website, and the website is the main work is collecting content and promotion, now the webmaster transformation, but still have to operate a website, but more on no matter where, because the focus has shifted from the media or other aspects, as long as you can in the network regular earn money is the webmaster transformation goal, now webmaster transformation have turned to go there, to the webmaster Q group chat about it, there is no public play WeChat operations, is to find a network with the related work, and some continue to do operations, other aspects of all kinds, in short is straight forward. read more

Small and beautiful content is a good tool to improve visitor experience

for a good site, its definition is not just to say whether it can provide visitors with valuable content, but also need to try to cater to different visitors reading preferences. For our site, the right content allows the operator to better layout the site, but also a good way to adapt to all visitors preferences, and thus provide better visitors experience.

from learning site to operation site, I read a lot of operators in talk about how to improve the quality of the content of the site, so as to improve the visitors experience. Although we know that high-quality content can help visitors to the site experience, but we must understand SEO and visitor experience still exists in the heart. read more

Promote the website and consider the issue from the CEO point of view

website should be clear, promotion website this link is the most important. However, this link is also the most likely to worry all links, do not know how to get to get to get to the site of the IP or the like to AD a day, site of the IP down, can not be a stable source of


was looking at the type of website, like the joy of discovering the new world. Hard days, finally put the station to do, just do not have a good domain name, then see 51 Shengdong Pang said a word, a good domain name is not propaganda. Feeling quite reasonable, I bought a domain name that I had already favored, and I don’t need to say that everyone knows what my website is for www.logo.la. read more

The local shangmeng station (O2O) development

from the first day learning to use frontpage to do web pages, now has 11 years, A5 webmaster network has many years, how long can not remember, and five or six years should be some. During a long period of time because it is not on a web site, only occasionally look up today, and a few friends engage in a local business station, returning to A5, and then come back to see what we have good ideas and learn from you.


always in school, in recent years to attend to the construction site of the thing, do not know what O2O when suddenly a fire, as if overnight coming out, what the real estate network, ordering network, comment, a local forum, mostly around the land of every hue, or around O2O to engage in, like Taobao O2O wants to engage in a city version of Taobao, so that we can find the nearest one commodity. Now we should discuss the most is to do what type of O2O, how to profit?. I think O2O this thing because of the line service, so I want to do the hard, general webmaster basic can not be completed, it is only from the regional sites start to provide local service the city station is one of the best representatives of O2O? O2O in fact, from this point of view is not new, in a long time ago there was, but at that time, not now so fire; for me, I did 08 years in the local search network, because it was still in high school, it is too difficult to implement, so give up halfway. read more

Talking about the experience of purchasing program and host in A5 Forum

A5 Forum recently even by unscrupulous businessmen to shut down, has caused a sensation throughout the webmaster! Actually shut down other sites if not their own station, you may only say two "unfortunately". But the A5 forum is to China thousands on thousands of webmaster sorry! This is terrible, all IT professionals are beginning to complain, have begun to call the Ministry of information industry! Soon this problem is solved by the


a few days ago preparing for the forum, scouring several procedures, and found that A5 was closed! Very angry, began to complain about some soft text. But it was not long before the problem was overcome, I took a few lost and sad again returning to the open A5 forum, to Amoy program and host, because recently to do a few websites, in fact, Amoy program and host is a great learning. So here, let us explain to you: read more

Simple discussion on several problems easily neglected during the process of station work

as the Internet matures, we do a site cost is more and more small, it is because of this, we also tend to ignore some do stand in the process, we should focus on solving some problems, today to talk about it.

1. site planning

is a website finished, often cannot do without a series of planning, the choice of the domain name, the choice of space, the program template selection, and so on, these are easy to influence the future development of you to this website, so if you are doing long-term consideration, first of all you must take this a series of problems you get it sorted out, so that it will not be in the middle. read more

Why is the price of website construction very different

when you are consulting, there must be some doubt. Why do the same websites offer different prices for different companies? Some are very cheap, seven hundred or eight hundred yuan, or even lower. Some of them are expensive, and seven thousand or eight thousand of them are expensive. Why is there such a wide gap in the price, cheap in the end cheap there? Expensive is not worth money,


first of all, functions, columns, prices are certainly different, complex functions, more columns, the price is relatively high, simple natural low. read more

SEO do not guarantee the search engine optimization ranking reasons

recently, many old customers have called to consult the SEO ranking service. Usually the first sentence always asks me, how long does it take to go to the search engine so well and how much will it cost?. I was feeling very much, how SEO disease to only the bone search engine optimization keywords ranking it? Then I said: I will not guarantee the keywords ranking, I only guarantee you use my website in the website optimization scheme after the comprehensive effect will be better than a key word ranking first in the play the search engine in a much larger part. Of course, customers have their own strong network marketing team, the marketing team of their own enough confidence, then the old white absolutely willing to provide customers with search engine keywords ranking service. read more

Shen Napeng with the smell of walking between investors and entrepreneurs

in the international economic arena, Shen Napeng staged the most colorful movement — big Ctrip, roaming sweat build "home" in the vast land, cultivated a million miles transplantation of Sequoia fund. In the arena of NASDAQ, he led the way through, a brilliant record. He is engaged in carry Cheng, if home, with breathtaking speed, the glory that confirms Chinese company and dream.

Shen Napeng and other entrepreneurs and venture capitalists is different, he also has the dual identity and experience of entrepreneurs and investors, both entrepreneurs learn from the example, but also entrepreneurs booster. He founded Sequoia China fund, invested more than 30 enterprises, only in 2010 to help 9 Chinese enterprises successfully listed, and achieved good results, known as China’s "investment Godfather."". read more