UVM Career+Experience Hub celebrates grand opening

first_imgUniversity of Vermont,A key component of the University of Vermont’s program to enhance undergraduate career preparation, the Career+Experience Hub, had its official grand opening Tuesday afternoon in the Atrium of the Davis Center.UVM president Tom Sullivan, Student Government Association president Connor Daley, and Graduate Student Senate president Lane Manning made remarks. At about 2:25, staff conducted rotating tours of the Career+Experience Hub for groups of eight to 10. The Career+Experience Hub, located in a heavily trafficked area on the first floor of the Davis Center, is designed to serve as a clearinghouse for students looking for hands-on learning experiences and career-oriented advice that will help them become more focused and engaged students better prepared to pursue a career or graduate school after graduation. The hub opened on Sept. 9.‘We know from several different research studies exactly what students need to do to be successful during college and after they graduate,’ said Abu Rizvi, dean of UVM Honors College, who spearheaded the development of UVM’s Career Success Action Plan, which recommended creating the hub.‘But frequently, despite our best efforts, students don’t engage in these activities,’ he said. ‘The hub is a way to bring experiential learning opportunities to an office students pass by every day, so it will be convenient for them to learn about and participate in these programs.’    The hub is staffed on a rotating basis by eight ‘partners’ — campus offices or departments that offer a range of experiential learning options and career guidance. They include the Career Center, the Undergraduate Research office, the National Scholarships and Fellowship Advising office, the Student Employment Office, the Office of International Education, the Community-University Partnerships and Service-Learning program (CUPS), the Leadership and Civic Engagement program and the Food Systems Internship program.   ‘Students and parents often don’t understand the connection between what you do in college and the success you have after graduation,’ said Pamela Gardner, director of the Career Center. ‘What you study is important, but the skills and experiences you gain during your college years also play an instrumental role. The hub is a way to bring that lesson home to students, and to make it easy for them obtain those experiences.”The Career+Experience Hub is meant to complement another new element of UVM’s career preparation program, the Four-Year Career Success Plan, which administrators hope all UVM students will incorporate into their planning as they would course selection. The plan calls for students to engage in a sequence of semester-specific activities that, research shows, will increase their chances of post-graduation success. ‘The hub is the perfect companion to the Career Success Plan,’ Gardner said. ‘The plan makes clear to students what they should be doing in each semester. The hub will give them the ‘how.’‘ President Sullivan and Across the Fence producer Will Mikell before the event.All of the hub’s partners have been cross trained, so are able to advise students about the services other offices offer. The hub will serve students on a walk-in basis or by appointment with one of the partners. Trained student interns from the Career Center, as well as staff from the partner offices, will also be on hand to assist students.In addition to opening the Career+Experience Hub and introducing the Four-Year Career Success Plan, UVM has bolstered career preparation at the university in other ways. It has added two new positions in Career Services, one focused on internships coordination, the other on outreach to employers; created a new Student Employment Office and added a staff person to direct it; boosted the number of dedicated internships it offers students; and increased curricular and other developmental programs to encourage students to explore the relationship between the academic and career interests. VERY TOP PHOTO: UVM student and peer mentor Bianca Rizzio explains the Hub. Vermont Business Magazine Photos.GALLERYlast_img read more

October 1, 2016 Letters

first_imgOctober 1, 2016 Letters LettersLawyers Under Pressure Dr. Scott Weinstein’s “Lawyers Under Pressure” column in the September 1 News referring to the new attorney starting a practice and getting in over his or her head and the experienced attorney seeing the client flow and revenues decrease reminds me of the retired judge and law professor who said, “If you open your own office without having first worked in a law firm, you’ll be a menace to society,” and how we lawyers always quipped, “When it’s not fun anymore, we’ll quit practicing.” Well, the legal profession hasn’t been fun for the past several years, with too many lawyers and established firms using paralegals to do what new attorneys used to do. Throw in the internet and Legal Zoom, which have pulled an end run around all lawyers, and Dr. Weinstein’s article should have been titled “The Eclipse and Decline of the Depressing Practice of Law.” David P. Carter Seminole More to Offer I commend the Board of Governors on its recent approval allowing inactive attorneys to act as emeritus attorneys. However, I believe something more needs to be done for senior members, and I agree with Wilson Wright’s recent letter in The Florida Bar News. As a solo practitioner, practicing in a primarily retirement community and a senior active member of The Florida Bar (for almost 60 years), I feel that the Bar discriminates against senior solo practitioners by not giving due recognition to our needs and requirements to remain in active practice should we choose to do so. Unlike the ABA, there is no reduced dues structure for senior members of the Bar. The cost and scheduling of many, if not most, of the CLE programs offered by the various sections of the Bar sometimes makes it difficult for attorneys like myself to attend in order to obtain enough hours to meet our CLE requirements. I believe that something must be done to recognize our senior solo practitioners in order to retain them as active and responsible members of our legal community. I feel that we still have a great deal to offer to the legal profession here in the state of Florida, and perhaps beyond. Allen J. Levin Port Charlotte October 1, 2016 Letterslast_img read more

List of direct air connections of Croatia with 12 significant emitting markets

first_imgThe Market Research and Strategic Planning Department of the Croatian National Tourist Board prepared an overview of direct flights and direct air connections of Croatian airports with 12 significant emitting markets according to information obtained from Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb airports.All Croatian tourism workers will unquestionably agree that the key to further “tourist success” of our country, whether we are talking about extending the season or increasing average earnings from tourism, is adequate investment in the development of tourism infrastructure, content and offer, in order to optimize money “which, according to all research, is crucial for choosing a destination, ie further positive recommendations of satisfied guests point out from the CNTB and add that one of the basic measures to improve all” tourism indicators “is certainly the growth of traffic in the months before and after publicity can play a significant role, but even greater progress can be made if “general publicity” is accompanied by adequate offers of concrete, cost-effective programs.The overview of direct flights will be regularly updated with information on newly established flights when they become available, which is crucial to know how to plan well and organize targeted tourism programs and activities for our emitting markets.Annex / Overview of direct air connections of Croatialast_img read more

FLU NEWS SCAN: H1N1 vaccine and fetal health, avian flu in Mexico and Nepal

first_imgJan 17, 2013Study finds no rise in fetal death from 2009 H1N1 vaccinePandemic 2009 H1N1 (pH1N1) vaccination of pregnant women did not increase the risk of fetal death, according to a study of more than 100,000 women yesterday in the New England Journal of Medicine. In addition, the study of Norwegian women and girls found a rate of fetal death almost twice as high among expectant moms who contracted pH1N1 flu. Among 117,347 pregnancies from 2009 through 2010, immunization with the adjuvanted pH1N1 vaccine Pandemrix during pregnancy reduced the risk of fetal death slightly, but the drop was not statistically significant (adjusted hazard ratio [AHR], 0.88; 95% confidence interval [CI], 0.66-1.17). By comparison, pH1N1 infection in the women increased the risk of fetal death (AHR, 1.91; 95% CI, 1.07-3.41). In addition, the authors found that the vaccine lowered the risk of a doctor’s diagnosis of influenza (AHR, 0.30; 95% CI, 0.25-0.34). The report says, “Given the danger posed by maternal influenza virus infection for fetal survival, our study adds to growing evidence that vaccination of pregnant women during an influenza pandemic does not harm—and may benefit—the fetus.” A July 2012 study in Dutch women also found no fetal harm from the Pandemrix vaccine.Jan 16 N Engl J Med studyJuly 2012 Dutch studyTwo H7N3 outbreaks in Mexico affect 20,000 poultry; almost 400,000 to be culledTwo outbreaks of highly pathogenic H7N3 avian flu have hit poultry farms in Jalisco state in Mexico, infecting 20,068 birds, 18,009 of them fatally, according to a report filed with the World Organization of Animal Health (OIE) today. Both outbreaks are located on commercial layer farms near Encarnacion de Diaz in Jalisco and began on Jan 12. In the first outbreak, 10,058 poultry were infected, 8,932 fatally. In the second one, 10,010 birds were infected, 9,077 fatally. The report does not list any poultry as being culled but says, “Both farms are being depopulated.” The two farms house about 200,000 chickens each, for a total of 397,513 susceptible birds. Last summer a series of H7N3 outbreaks in Jalisco led to the culling of millions of poultry. The situation had quieted down till last week, when two farms in the adjacent state of Aguascalientes reported the virus, which led to the culling of 300,000 poultry.Jan 17 OIE reportJan 9 CIDRAP News scan on previous outbreakNepal reports avian flu outbreaks on 4 farmsNepal has detected an unspecified strain of avian flu on four farms in Kaski district and has culled 2,000 chickens to prevent disease spread, according to a story in Nepal’s national newspaper, Republica. Regional health official Dr Bansi Sharma said that lab tests in Nepal and the United Kingdom confirmed avian flu in samples from the farms after chickens had died suddenly. “Our technicians culled 2,000 chickens and destroyed feed kept at the four farms to prevent the disease from spreading,” he said. “They also sprayed chemicals in the affected farms.”Jan 16 Republica storylast_img read more

Saudis report 3 more MERS cases in Hofuf

first_imgThe city of Hofuf in eastern Saudi Arabia continues to be a MERS hot spot, as authorities reported two more cases there on Jun 6 and another one today.In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) offered details Jun 6 on five earlier cases in Hofuf, one of them fatal.Hofuf has had a string of MERS-CoV (Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus) cases in recent weeks, including a family cluster that was reported May 11 and a number of hospital-related infections. Sixteen of 20 cases reported by the Saudi Ministry of Health (MOH) since May 25 have been in Hofuf, and the city has accounted for 25 of the 43 Saudi cases noted since May 1.The cases reported by the MOH on Jun 6 involved two Saudi men, ages 65 and 56, the older one in critical condition and the younger one stable. The ministry said their exposure histories are under investigation.The illness reported today is in a 72-year-old Saudi man who is in critical condition. He had contact with other MERS patients in a community or hospital setting but is not a healthcare worker, the MOH said.Five cases in WHO updateThe Jun 6 WHO update covers case information it received from Saudi authorities between Jun 1 and 4. Of the five cases, only two appear to be possibly hospital-related. That contrasts with a WHO update on Jun 4, which described 7 Hofuf cases that all involved hospital exposures.One of the five cases involves a 50-year-old non-Saudi healthcare worker who had cared for a MERS patient from May 14 to 19 and then fell ill on May 22, the WHO said. He tested positive for the virus on Jun 1 and is now asymptomatic and in home isolation.The other patient with a possible healthcare exposure to the virus was a 54-year-old man from Hofuf who died on Jun 2, the agency said. He was hospitalized for an unrelated condition May 16 and was referred to another hospital 3 days later; his MERS symptoms appeared on May 27.The WHO did not say whether the patient had any exposure to MERS in the hospitals, only that his exposure history was being investigated.Of the other three patients, one is a 50-year-old male health professional from Hofuf, but he had no history of exposure to known MERS risk factors in the 2 weeks before he got sick on May 19 the agency said. He was in stable condition.Exposure histories were still under investigation for the other two patients. They are:A 64-year-old Hofuf man who got sick on May 20, was hospitalized Jun 1, and was stable.A 45-year-old Hofuf man who had his first symptoms May 26, was hospitalized 3 days later, and was in critical condition.The MOH has counted a total of 1,027 MERS cases, of which 450 were fatal. Twelve cases remain active, and 2 patients are in home isolation.See also: Jun 8 MOH statementJun 6 MOH statementJun 6 WHO statementJun 4 CIDRAP News story on Jun 4 WHO updatelast_img read more

Air Products at SEMICON Europa 2008

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Shoosmiths profits fall by more than half

first_imgNational firm Shoosmiths today reported profits down by more than half, with a slight reduction in turnover. Profits at the firm tumbled to £5.6m in 2008/09, down 54% on 2007/08. Profits per equity partner dropped from £318,000 to £150,000 over the same period. Turnover fell 4% from £103m in 2007/08 to £99m for the 2008/09 financial year. Chairman Andrew Tubbs said: ‘Our profit was hit hard because we chose to put people before profit. We delayed our restructuring programme for as long as possible last year, which means that the impact of these savings will start to take effect halfway through this financial year.’ The firm reported income falls in its corporate and property departments, blamed on a falling number of deals and investment projects being shelved. However, it reported growth in lender services, employment, litigation, debt recovery and insolvency. ‘Our priority for 2009/10 is to ensure that we are in the best possible shape for the future upturn in the market by continuing to look for more efficiencies and cost savings within the firm and to monitor capacity within our teams,’ said Tubbs. ‘We are focusing our efforts on client relationships because we recognise that they will light our way out of this recession.’last_img read more

Chinese project cargo delivered to India’s new Dhamra port

first_imgThe cargoes were carried onboard the Zhenhua 11.Dhamra Port is a joint venture of Tata Steel and Larson & Toubro and according to the Indian media, the port’s first phase will be operational by mid 2010.The new port will handle containers, bulk and breakbulk cargo for regional power, steel and mining sectors in which there is significant local investment. The port’s website says that the new port will have 13 berths, an 18 m draft, and the capacity to handle 83 million tonnes of cargo per annum, including dry and liquid bulk, project, breakbulk and containers.last_img read more

PEP hits £1m at Mishcon de Reya

first_imgCentral London and New York firm Mishcon de Reya has reported a 5% rise in average profit per equity partner to £1m.Net profit totalled £35m for the year ended 9 April.Revenue in London climbed to £127.9m from £110m in  2014/15, with Litigation (£44m), Real Estate (£31m), and Corporate and Private (both £19m) the major contributors. In New York revenues totalled £4.8m.Mishcon has made global headlines in recent weeks for handling a legal claim against Brexit brought by what is reported to be a ‘group of concerned British citizens’. Earlier this month a number of self-styled democracy campaigners held a noisy protest over the action outside the firm’s offices on Kingsway, London.The firm has also signalled an interest in a John Lewis-style ownership model.last_img read more

Baker & McKenzie rolls out agile working

first_imgInternational firm Baker & McKenzie will roll out agile working across its global network, offering flexible working to its entire headcount. The change will be brought in with immediate effect across the firm’s 77 offices, a spokesperson confirmed today. The firm told the Gazette the programme will include alternative working hours, remote working, and regular working time outside of the office.The initiative is being led by Peter May, chief talent officer at the firm, and global executive committee member Claudia Prado.May told the Gazette the decision came off the back of a global engagement survey conducted last year in which one of the issues that surfaced was a desire for ‘flexible working’, including remote working and flexible hours.’We understand that in the 21st century workers needs change and that there should be a new approach that realises people have different needs,’ he said.May said while demands on physical premises may change eventually the benefits of the programme would have a ‘positive effect on staff including on productivity and morale’.The firm will now enter into an 18-month implementation period where it will bring its working policy across its global offices into line with those that already offer flexible working, including the UK and Spain.Baker & McKenzie has 4,607 lawyers including 1,580 partners.last_img read more