Belize accepts chairmanship of AOSIS

first_imgThe following statement by Belize was delivered at a Ministerial Meeting of AOSIS during a short ceremony on the occasion of the 24th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to mark Belize’s acceptance of the chairmanship of AOSIS from the Maldives in January 2019. Belize will hold the chairmanship for two years to be followed by Antigua and Barbuda in 2021.H.E. Amb. Lois Young, Permanent Rep. of Belize to the UN; H.E. Hussain Rasheed Hassan, Min. of Environment, Maldives; Mr. Amjad Abdulla Dir.-Gen/ Chief Negotiator for AOSIS Climate Change Dept., Min. Environment & Energy“Good evening distinguishing delegates, colleagues. I am delivering this statement on behalf of the Vice Minister of Belize who had to leave early because of another pressing engagement.On this occasion I wish to extend sincere thanks to the Maldives for steering our group over the course of their Chairmanship, for their leadership and support. I extend congratulations from my Ministry and from the Government of Belize.Read more at: Caribbean ClimateShare this:PrintTwitterFacebookLinkedInLike this:Like Loading… CARICOM negotiating with ‘one voice’ in global climate change talksCARICOM Secretariat, Georgetown, Guyana – CARICOM entered the 24th Session of the UNFCCC COP 24 which opened Sunday in Poland with unified negotiating positions, conscious that global climate change not only threatens the environment but also has deleterious consequences to the Region’s economic development. The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) fine-tuned its…December 4, 2018In “CARICOM at Work”COMMUNIQUÉ – Twenty-Second Meeting of the Council for Foreign and Community Relations (COFCOR), St. George’s, Grenada, 13-14 May 2019The Twenty-Second Meeting of the Council for Foreign and Community Relations (COFCOR) of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) convened in St. George’s, Grenada on the 13-14 May 2019, under the Chairmanship of the Honourable C. Peter David, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Labour of Grenada. The COFCOR was attended by the…May 14, 2019In “CARICOM”CARICOM eyes key outcomes from UN climate change talks(CARICOM Secretariat, Turkeyen, Greater Georgetown, Guyana) Mitigating climate risks and building resilience against extreme weather events underpin key areas of focus for the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) during the ongoing United Nations (UN) climate talks in Bonn, Germany. The Twenty Third Meeting of the Conference of Parties to the UN Framework…November 14, 2017In “Anguilla”Share this on WhatsApplast_img read more

Collapse of Long Island Amazon deal is bad news for New York City

first_imgBezos probably won’t change his mind. But Cuomo’s desperation – and that of business leaders who are also lobbying Bezos – reflects the body-blow that Amazon’s pullout landed to the city’s morale. Bezos quit allegedly as a result of unexpected public fury over $3bn in taxpayer incentives. “A handout to the world’s richest man” was the detractors’ common refrain.But it’s a false narrative. In fact, most of the supposed giveaway was available to Amazon – or any company willing to make such a large commitment – through long-existing tax-abatement programmes.The cratered Amazon deal has been called the worst economic portent for New York City since the 1987 Black Monday Wall Street crash. It isn’t, but it’s ugly nonetheless. It cost the city between 25,000 and 40,000 promised high-paying jobs. It pulled the plug on several big-bucks commercial leases and land sales that were contingent on the Amazon deal closing, among them a prospective 1m sq ft lease at soon-to-be-vacant One Court Square, the borough’s tallest tower.The breakdown also torpedoed a boom in local residential values, which had skyrocketed from the moment Amazon’s commitment was announced on 12 November 2018. It blunted New York’s momentum to overtake the San Francisco area as the tech capital of the US.Bezos shouldn’t be blamed for pulling out. Most of the blame lies squarely on Cuomo for guaranteeing Amazon a deal that had a loophole for unravellingAmazon could have done a better job with ‘community outreach’ and the state and city shouldn’t have agreed to let Amazon have a private heliport, a symbol of excess that ticked off even those who supported the plan. But Bezos shouldn’t be blamed for pulling out. Most of the blame lies squarely on Cuomo for guaranteeing Amazon a deal that had a loophole for unravelling.Bezos negotiated in good faith with state and city officials during a prolonged, reality-show-like process to choose a new US location for a second campus, which saw municipalities from coast to coast offer the company tax breaks and other incentives just short of the moon.Bezos had every reason to believe the Long Island City plan would proceed without a hitch. Cuomo is the state’s most powerful elected official. He overrode cumbersome city zoning and public-approval rules; and he persuaded New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, his long-time nemesis, to get on board, spurred by the promise of long-term tax benefits and local hiring.It looked like a slam dunk. Unlike other controversial projects, the Amazon campus (it also chose a site in Arlington, Virginia) didn’t require kicking anyone out because the East River waterfront site called Anable Basin is mostly empty, except for a medical company that was delighted to sell its land.Scuttled dealBut Cuomo took too much for granted. Polls showed that most state and city residents – including in Long Island City itself – wanted Amazon to move in. Yet despite claims of a ‘done deal’, part of the plan still required approval of the Public Authorities Control Board (PACB), comprising representatives of both state legislature houses. Although often called ‘obscure’, the same panel has previously scuttled major land-use initiatives – most famously former mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposal for a sports stadium and convention centre in the West 30s.There was a vacant seat on the PACB. Cuomo didn’t count on a new leader of the State Senate who held a grudge against him appointing a Long Island City representative who vowed to block Amazon. (The PACB must vote unanimously to green-light any proposal.) Source: Shutterstock/ BrooklynScribeThe soon-to-be-vacant One Court Square, the tallest tower in QueensThe appointee was to be Michael Gianaris, whose selection was announced on 7 February. He opposed Amazon because of what mostly far-left critics called a ‘giveaway’ based on the incentives. In fact, the $3bn couldn’t be used instead to pay for schools or other services, as critics had claimed. The state wasn’t handing out a dime. Rather, Amazon would pay less in taxes over 25 years – but contingent on creating all the promised jobs.Less than one third of the incentives were discretionary – a $582m subsidy to Amazon for building a $3.6bn campus using only union construction labour. That was the only portion of the deal over which the PACB had veto rights, but it was enough to scuttle the deal.Seeing only trouble ahead, Bezos declared he was quitting on 14 February. “On Valentine’s Day, Amazon broke hearts all over New York City, dumping us like a boyfriend with cold feet,” a column in theNew York Post began.Bezos understandably was furious that he’d been sold a firm agreement that wasn’t firm. Despite Cuomo’s imploring, he’s unlikely to subject himself again to what would surely be a prolonged struggle to renegotiate termsGianaris was cowed by resistance from a retail employees union that hates Amazon for damaging bricks-and-mortar retailing. Most other unions supported the deal. He was also egged on by recently elected, socialist-leaning members of the legislature and the New York congressional delegation.The loudest voice belonged to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a former bartender who, at 29, is the youngest person ever elected to Congress. She’s promoted such loony ‘green’ strategies as banning plane travel. The Amazon site is not even in her district, but she generated enough heat to sway Gianaris.Bezos understandably was furious that he’d been sold a firm agreement that wasn’t firm. Despite Cuomo’s imploring, he’s unlikely to subject himself again to what would surely be a prolonged struggle to renegotiate terms.Gianaris and Ocasio-Cortez hailed the outcome as a triumph for the city. Gianaris is now seen as a villain. His appointment to the PACB was cancelled – but it came too late.Amazon’s complex in a wasted corner of Queens would have yielded untold billions of dollars over time through job creation and higher real estate taxes stimulated through neighbourhood investment. Instead, the land might lie fallow for years. There will be no new jobs and no long-term tax windfall. Savanna, the company that owns One Court Square, must start over to fill a million square feet. And great companies will think twice about moving to New York City.Steve Cuozzo is a real estate columnist and contributor to the New York Postlast_img read more

Saipem converts to Sonardyne’s autonomous monitoring transponder tech

first_imgInternational oil and gas turnkey contractor, Saipem, has extended the capability of its Sonardyne sixth generation (6G) acoustic positioning transponders, adding functionality that makes the equipment now suitable for a wide range of subsea autonomous monitoring tasks.Sonardyne stated on Monday that the work to convert the Compatt 6 instruments into Autonomous Monitoring Transponders (AMTs) was undertaken by engineers based at Sonardyne’s Brazilian headquarters in Rio das Ostras as part of a wider scope of work to inspect, service and re-calibrate Saipem’s inventory of Long BaseLine (LBL) acoustic technology located in the region.According to Sonardyne, the company’s AMT enables users to conduct long endurance, remote monitoring surveys without the need for a surface vessel and ROV to be present throughout the project. Applications for it range from a single instrument deployed to measure tidal variation, to a large, field-wide network capable of detecting subtle trends in structure movement, pipeline creep and seabed settlement, the company explained. The autonomous functionality built into every AMT enables it to operate for several years without operator intervention, the company claimed. Measurements from its suite of onboard sensors are logged in the unit’s memory and can be recovered at any time by an AUV, ROV or vessel-of-opportunity using high-speed wireless communications, Sonardyne further added. “The 6G technology platform on which both Compatt 6 and AMT are built is very versatile, and enables users to upgrade and switch capability as their operational needs grow and stretch,” commented Paul Smith, Operations Director of Sonardyne Brasil. He added, “The engineering and equipment testing facilities we have here in Rio das Ostras meant the work to service Saipem’s LBL hardware and convert some of their Compatts to AMTs, could be completed without the cost and delays associated with sending equipment out the country. For our customers, this means they can get back to work and keep their projects and budgets on schedule. Something that the entire offshore industry is focussed on at the moment.”last_img read more

Wangfoong rescue on track

first_imgMeasuring 25 m long and weighing 40 tons (36.3 tonnes) each, the trains had to be repositioned as a matter of urgency after coming off the tracks in the early hours of September 17.Wangfoong coordinated with the Road Management Office (RMO) of Hong Kong Police Force to arrange the necessary escorts to mobilise Liebherr 500-tonne capacity mobile cranes, as well as a number of trucks with crane attachments and rigging tools.The most challenging part of the project, according to Wangfoong, was the coordination with relevant authorities in order to obtain clearance for the work to commence in the short timeframe.Wangfoong provided a lifting method onsite and supervised the lifting operations, which required two 500-tonne capacity cranes working in tandem.Wangfoong is a member of the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) in Hong read more

Judge rails at ‘festival of mendacity’ in case where truth was ‘lifestyle choice’

first_imgAn appeal in which every party was described as dishonest has been dismissed in the High Court – with the judge openly rebuking each person involved.Mr Justice Turner threw out the challenge from a claimant who wanted a share of profits from rental properties run by his brothers after their father’s death.The undisguised scorn of the judge has resulted in the judgment being widely shared online. Turner said His Honour Judge Davy QC, who heard Rashid v Munir & Ors  at first instance, bore witness to a ‘festival of mendacity’.Of the claimant, he remarked:  ‘I do not believe him on this or indeed any other material matter’. The first defendant’s evidence was ‘unhelpful’ and the second defendant was ‘as heroically dishonest as he is in his everyday life’. The third defendant was described as giving evidence in a ‘facetious manner’, which included winking at the claimant’s counsel and showing he regarded telling the truth as ‘simply no more than a lifestyle choice’.Turner added: ‘Attempting to establish the common but unstated intention of a group of individuals all giving honest but conflicting evidence is difficult enough. Where, as here, each witness is attempting to outdo the other in a rich display of competitive dishonesty, the task of the judge is unenviable.’The judge’s conclusion that the claimant was not entitled to claim a share of the commercial rents was ruled unassailable and the appeal dismissed. It was also confirmed that a transcript of the first judgment will be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutionslast_img read more

£30 Million 3 Year Budget Plan To Be Discussed For Region’s Infrastructure

first_imgAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to LinkedInLinkedInLinkedInDumfries and Galloway Council’s Communities committee [17 September 2017] will consider a report on its Infrastructure Capital Programme 2019/20.The Council agreed its capital budget for 2019/20 to 2021/22 in February 2019, with an indicative 10-year Capital Investment Strategy. The agreed funding allocations for the Infrastructure Asset Class are:• 2019/20 £10.07m• 2020/21 ££9.5m• 2021/22 £9.5mAn additional £0.5m was allocated for planned structural overlays on roads for 2019/20 and 2020/21.The Infrastructure Capital Programme 2019/20 includes:• Carriageway surface dressing• Carriageway resurfacing• Carriageway strengthening• Carriageway drainage• Planned structural overlays [eliminating defects by surfacing short sections of carriageway, up to around 400m]• Footways• Forestry routes – this year, the Council was successful in 3 bids to the Strategic Timber Transport Fund resulting in £231,841 being awarded, enabling upgrades to local roads to accommodate increased forestry extraction.• Car Parks – including Lockerbie Station• Structures – including Carruthers Bridge [C61a], Langholm Suspension Footbridge, Wauchope Bridge [B7068a], Lamford Culvert [A713s]• Harbours – seeking European Maritime Fisheries Fund contribution for Port William Harbour and Kirkcudbright Marina• Coastal Infrastructure – Dyemill coastal protection, Drummore coastal road• Flood Risk Management – Spoutwells [Stranraer], Carsphairn• Street Lighting• Intelligent Transport Systems• Road Safety Programme• Speed Limits and Traffic Calming• Active Travel ProgrammeCouncillor Andy Ferguson, chair of the Communities committee, said: “Over the next 3 years our Council is committed to spending more than £30m on projects to improve and maintain the region’s infrastructure, including roads. This expenditure is vital for local people, local communities, and the local economy.”Councillor John Martin, vice-chair, said: “Improved travel links, roads maintenance, improved road safety, bridge repairs and appropriate parking facilities are key issues for this region if it is to be a place where people want to live, work and carry out business. Our capital programme for infrastructure is an essential contributor to this.”See report: read more

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5…4G LTE Network to Launch This Month over Space Coast, Treasure Coast

first_imgThere would be a power blast in the technology warfare later this month across Florida’s Space Coast, Treasure Coast and beyond with the arrival of Verizon Wireless 4G LTE coverage and services. Verizon will launch the nation’s fastest 4G wireless network later in July in Brevard, Indian River, Saint Lucie and Martin counties. The region will join numerous other Florida markets that already offer Verizon Wireless 4G LTE (Fourth Generation/Long-Term Evolution) services. Even before this latest launch, the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network already is available to more than 80% of Florida’s population. Nationally, Verizon Wireless 4G LTE covers two-thirds of the U.S. population in more than 300 major markets, which is six times the geographic coverage of its nearest competitor’s 4G LTE network. The Verizon 4G LTE network allows streaming videos with no buffering, or downloading and viewing full-length HD movies. Music lovers can download songs in seconds, gamers can take part in multiplayer online action, and social media buffs can upload photos and posts while on-the-go. Business owners use the efficiency and speed of the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network to boost their bottom line. 4G LTE technology is up to 10 times faster than the company’s industry-leading 3G network. In real-world, fully loaded network environments, 4G LTE users should experience data rates of 5 to 12 megabits per second (Mbps) on the downlink and 2 to 5 Mbps on the uplink. Verizon Wireless customers looking to experience the nation’s fastest 4G network can choose from the largest selection of 4G LTE devices, ranging from tablets such as the newest iPad, mobile hotspots, Android smartphones, iPhones and many more. The Verizon 4G LTE network has earned top ratings by numerous independent consumer reporting organizations such as “Fastest Mobile Network 2012” by PC Magazine, “Fastest 4G Network Yet” by Popular Science’s 2011 Best of What’s New Awards, and ranked No. 1 on PC World’s 100 Best Products of 2011.last_img read more

Negros busts yield P27.6 million ‘shabu’

first_imgOnly Siaboc – tagged a “high-value” suspect – was caught and now in police custody. Operatives of the San Carlos City police station, Regional Intelligence Division 6 and Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency 6 swooped down on the two at around 2:45 p.m. This prompted authorities to shoot back, killing him in the process. In Cebu City, Romeo brothers Rolando, 32, Edward, 24, and Calvin Valdez, 42, were arrested in a sting operation that yielded seven kilos of suspected shabu worth P47.6 million. Police later found two kilograms of suspected shabu in his backpack valued at around P13.7 million. Yongco was listed as a “high-value” drug suspect. According to the police, the illegal drugs supply was transported from Manila to Cebu via San Carlos City port./PN Meanwhile, authorities in Sibulan, Negros Oriental were able to neutralize 24-year-old drug suspect Joemarie Yongco after the latter allegedly fought back. Pursuit operation was launched. According to Police Colonel Arnel Banzon of the Negros Oriental Police Provincial Office, Yongco was initially arrested for selling sachets of suspected shabu to an undercover officer.  His companion William Allones manage to flee after they sold P200,000 worth of the prohibited substance to a poseur-buyer in a residence on 2nd Street, St. Vincent Subdivision, police said. BY DOMINIQUE GABRIEL BAÑAGA Major Mark Angelo Junco, San Carlos police chief, said Siaboc and Allones were cohorts of the drug suspects arrested on Sunday in Cebu City and in Sibulan, Negros Oriental. As Yongco was being arrested, he allegedly tried to shoot the police.  Joint antidrug operatives confiscated suspected shabu valued at around P14 million following the arrest of a 31-year-old Emmanuel Siaboc in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental. Aside from the drugs, a .45-caliber pistol was also recovered. BACOLOD City – Around P27.6 million worth of suspected shabu were seized in two separate antidrug operations yesterday morning in Negros Island.last_img read more

NEOSI High School Football Previews 2016: Lutheran West Longhorns

first_img Related TopicsfootballLutheran West High SchoolPatriot Athletic Conferenceseason preview Ryan Kaczmarski has been the sports editor for a group of weekly community newspapers for the last five years. He has previously covered the Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Cavaliers, Lake Erie Monsters and other minor league and small college teams. He is a born and bred Cleveland Browns fan, who is passionate with love of all things Cleveland sports. Ryan Kaczmarskicenter_img The Lutheran West varsity football team took some lumps last season, finishing 2-5 in the Patriot Athletic Conference Stripes Division and 3-7 overall. The plan for the Longhorns is to greatly improve from last year’s records, but to do so, they will have to replace a record-setting running back in Chris Jones, who transferred to North Olmsted High School last winter.“The Longhorns are looking forward to our running backs stepping up for us this season and having a good year,” coach Frank Petroff, now in his third season as head coach, said. “We wish (Jones) the best of luck.)”Senior running back Owen Albers has stepped into the starting tailback position this year, and he knows there are high expectations for him in that position, with Petroff saying that he will carry the load.“I’m not going to be chasing any ghosts this season,” Albers said of replacing Jones’ 1,700 yards from scrimmage last season. “I just need to play within my abilities, and do what I do.“I have a great blocking full back in (Chris) Dawson, and I think our offensive line is really coming together,” he added. “We just need to stick to what we’re doing, and we’ll be fine.”Even with the Longhorns starting a junior quarterback, Rory Zakareckis, this season, Albers has no worries for the offense.“We’ve really come together as a team and gelled as an offense early this summer, so our sense of brotherhood we have already acquired will make us do almost anything for each other,” he said. “We’ll be fine.”According to Petroff, Zakareckis had a lot of success at the junior varsity level, and his staff is looking for him to keep maturing throughout his career.“He has had a tremendous offseason,” Petroff said. “We are looking for him to lead our offense this year.”Zakareckis was named as one of the team captains this year, along with seniors Logan Denn, Dawson and Mike Felton.“I think I’m going to be all right this year,” Zakareckis said about the jump to starting at quarterback on varsity, “I played a little varsity last year, when we were down a little bit, and the coaching staff really helped me prepare to make the jump to varsity this summer.“Coach Petroff had me come in to watch a lot of film, throw the ball and we really got after it.”Almost in stride with the general consensus at Lutheran West, Zakareckis is not worried about having to carry the load with his arm this season.“We have a really great offensive line and backfield, so we’ll be able to run the ball whenever we need to,” he said. “If we come to a passing situation, I’ll just pass the ball.”Dawson will be the leader on the defensive side of the ball, from the linebacker position.“As a defensive squad, we are really go to have to get after it, and not take any plays off, to be successful,” Dawson said. “If we all do what we are supposed to do – and I think we have a really strong team – we’re going to bring it, and maybe surprise some people out there.”Dawson is keyed up for the games against rivals Columbia and Fairview.“We have to take this season week by week, but Columbia took it to us last year in our house, so we’re looking forward to going there and getting some payback. Fairview is always fun to play, because they are right down the street from us.”Some others to watch this season are Denn (three-year starter at center), Jeremy Geye at linebacker, Shawn Naim (a sophomore, who will play receiver and safety), Gerald McHenry (another sophomore), Felton in the slot receiver position, and linemen Tristan Zimmer and Nick Moore.“This year’s football team has been a pleasure to be around,” Petroff said. “We have had great senior leadership in the off season and this summer.“We have a number of players returning from last years team that have been dedicated in the weight room, and also have a great mix of returners, with still a great deal of young players, that are going to have to grow up fast and learn from our upperclassman early this season,” he continued. “This combination has made the offseason and double sessions a very competitive atmosphere with outstanding team motivation, determination and attitude. The Longhorns expect to improve on our record from a year ago and improve in all phases of the game. Our goal like always is to play one game at a time and never look ahead.”SCHEDULEAug. 26 at WickliffeSept. 2 HawkenSept. 9 IndependenceSept. 16 KeystoneSept. 23 at BrooksideSept. 30 at Columbia*Oct. 6 Brooklyn*Oct. 14 at Oberlin*Oct. 21 at Clearview*Oct. 28 Fairview** PAC Stripes DivisionAll games at 7 p.m. unless notedlast_img read more

Bergeser ke Era Otomatis, Maskapai Iberia Uji Coba Facial Recognition

first_imgSumber: istimewa Maskapai penerbangan asal Spanyol, Iberia diberitakan telah meluncurkan proyek percontohan pengenalan wajah atau yang beken dengan sebutan facial recognition di hubnya di Terminal 4 di Bandara Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas. Adapun proyek percontohan ini ditujukan untuk meningkatkan pengalaman penumpang yang hendak bertolak atau baru datang di bandara berkode IATA MAD ini.Baca Juga: Tidak Melulu di Bandara, Osaka Metro Hadirkan Teknologi Face Recognition di Stasiun Bawah TanahSebagaimana yang dilansir dari laman, dalam menjalani proyek percontohan ini, pihak bandara bekerja sama dengan sejumlah perusahaan terkait, seperti Aena, Informatica El Corte Ingles, S.A. (IECISA), Gunnebo, dan Thales. Tujuan hadirnya proyek ambisius ini adalah agar supaya arus pergerakan penumpang di bandara menjadi lebih cepat, karena teknologi yang terpasang memungkinkan penumpang mengidentifikasi diri mereka sendiri di kontrol keamanan dengan menggunakan profil biometrik mereka. Dengan begitu, para penumpang tidak perlu lagi menunjukkan dokumen pribadi mereka, dan perjalanan mereka di bandara akan menjadi jauh lebih efisien waktu. Menurut pihak maskapai, uji coba ini akan diuji coba antara rentang enam hingga 12 bulan dengan penumpang maskapai yang hendak bertolak menuju Asturias atau Brussels – dimana kedua rute penerbangan ini dilayani oleh maskapai bintang lima, Iberia. Uji coba ini juga akan memungkinkan pengguna untuk mendaftar melalui aplikasi di perangkat seluler mereka, dan juga tersedia di kios yang ditempatkan di konter check-in 848 dan di depan area kontrol keamanan Terminal 4. Sistem pengenalan wajah juga dipasang di gerbang J40 dan J58 Terminal 4.Baca Juga: Pilah-Pilih Vendor, Bandara Internasional Changi Siap ‘Pekerjakan’ Facial RecognitionPenumpang dapat mendaftar menggunakan aplikasi Iberia atau Aena atau di kios-kios di Terminal 4, diharuskan untuk memindai kode QR boarding pass dan menghubungkannya dengan profil mereka. Proses pendaftaran ini hanya akan dilakukan sekali selama periode pengujian.Proyek percontohan pengenalan wajah adalah bagian dari program transformasi digital dari Iberia, yang bertujuan untuk menghubungkan semua operasi yang melibatkan pelanggan dan karyawan.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… RelatedGandeng Qantas Airways, Bandara Internasional Sydney Operasikan Fitur Face Recognition09/07/2018In “Bandara”Di 2019, Cina Siap Operasikan Bandara Internasional Terbesar di Dunia!06/07/2017In “Bandara”Sejumlah Bandara Mulai Uji Coba Face Recognition, Seberapa Amankah Pengaplikasiannya?07/01/2020In “Bandara”last_img read more